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See More by PixieBobbu. Featured in collections. Steven Universe 5 by AutoBubbs.

Steven Universe by KatLime. Featured in groups See All. Her singing is especially effective on past traumas and current mood. Weapon: Microphone which works also as a whip, by coming apart.

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Sometimes, she's easily irritated or moody if someone gets on her nerves. Likes: Peace and quiet, entertain others Especially Diamondssing and dance. But when Pink Diamond emerged and took their attention, Onyx took backstage as an Diamonds entertainer. She grew to hate Pink for being different Imperfect than other Diamonds, but still being the center of attention. After Pink was shattered, Onyx had more use again, as Blue Diamond's mood stabilizer with her singing.

Even though her singing made her feel better for only a while. Cab Calloway and his band are in three of the Betty Boop ones, a huge opportunity for a black guy in that day. His son carries on the mission. Another singer of that time, Helen Kane, who also used the childlike singing, is more the visual inspiration for the cartoon character.

Interestingly, Helen Kane filed a lawsuit against the creators of Betty Boop for appropriation of her character nevermind the fact that she took her style from the original Esther Jones.

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The court eventually ruled against Kane, and neither she, nor Jones, were properly credited for their inspiration of Betty Boop. Happy Black History Month!

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Limited Distributor Territories Avoiloble! She performed at the Cotton Club in Harlem, regularly in the s. However, Kane immediately tried to sue Fleischer and Paramount Publix Corporation, saying that they used her image and style. In turn, video evidence of Baby Esther, provided by Fleischer, showed that the style pre-dated Kane, which lead to a ruling against her. Hoy cocina cerrada!!!

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Cada uno que coma lo que quiera. If you wanted to be fair the second image should look more like this: The cultural exchange between American and Japanese art, particularly in animation, is hardly a one way streak. Her creators even made this short in appreciation of her Japanese fan-base.

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The entire Magical Girl genre is a big example of Western primarily U. This prompted the creation of the first popular Magical Girl Sally the Witch.

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We also get W. Japan and America are less of a competition to those who work on it and more of an inspiration, it is very often the fans and not the creators who create rivalries between people that would be friends in real life. This whole cartoon is insane.