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She was part of the American team which won a silver medal at the Beijing Olympics and recently played professional in Brazil. Glass is currently a personal trainer and model, which is no surprise given her stunning body. She was also featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Glass has 15, followers on Instagram, where she really horny latina sluts mind showcasing her bikini bod. Kaylyn Kyle was a spare player with the Canadian women's Olympic soccer team during the London Games inand, despite the team winning a bronze medal, Kyle received a lot of attention from men on social media, who found the long-haired blonde to be one of the best-looking women in the Olympics that year.

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The year-old announced her retirement from international play in April ofbut she likely won't have to worry about finding work in the near future. She's still a quality player, but she's arguably one of the most beautiful Canadian women athletes today. Still looking for snow! But 1 get one day free for your spring skiing!!! The best American alpine skier not named Lindsay Vonn, Julia Mancuso has won marina visconti nude Olympic medals, including a gold medal in the giant slalom at the Olympic Games in Turin.

Beyond the Olympic medals, she boasts an impressive resume that includes five gold medals at the Junior World Ski Championships, two silvers, and three bronze at the World Championships.

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The year-old is on the backside of bride undressed career and missed all of due to recovering from surgery, but looks-wise she's at her booty - and her backside is just perfect.

The Olympic Champion girls working harder than ever to get back to competition and, thankfully for her male fans, she has been posting workout updates on Instagram, where she has overfollowers. It's clear Mancuso isn't skipping leg day aka glute' day. Ronda Rousey's career in the octagon is uncertain at this track, but even if it's over, there's no question she'll remain in the public eye given her level of popularity. Soon after, she became the biggest star in the big, but her downfall was rapid. Rousey's success in the octagon earned her prominence in pop culture.

She co-starred in the Entourage movie, has had brief appearances in the WWE, and is scheduled to play the lead in a Road House remake.

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We've used Instagram following as a measure of the previous ladies' hotness, but Rousey puts them all to shame with over 9. The UFC women's division is as strong as ever in terms of up-and-coming talent, but it's currently void of two of its biggest stars in Rousey and Miesha Tate. Following a loss to Raquel Pennington at UFCTate announced her retirement from the sport, much to the disappointment of her growing fan base. Like Rousey, Tate is a beautiful woman who spends plenty of time in the gym and it certainly shows.

Any side profile photo of the year-old showcases her bountiful "assets," which can drive a man wild. She's currently a UFC analyst for FS1, which is unfortunate as her bottom half is often hidden behind the desk.

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The second Canadian Olympian to appear on this list, year-old Jennifer Abel truly does boast one of the best backsides in all of sports.

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Jun 2, 2. Some of them are definitely sexy. Jun 2, 3. I run track, well I used to and yes I only prefer athletes or fit men no skinny or fat asses please :. Jun 2, 4. You late though breh. I been on this wave. Sonya Richards Ross, Allyson Felix, etcc.

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Jun 2, 5. Late to the party. Jun 2, 6. I've ran track since highschool. And then she tears apart onlookers' hearts with her beauty and magnificent rear end. A world-class skier with four Olympic medals to her name, Mancuso track spent much nikki lane porn her slaloming and sliding down slopes.

It worked out well not only in terms of personal accomplishment, but it also carved Mancuso's rear end into a thing of beauty. Pole vaulting isn't typically a sport known for hot booty, but Leryn Franco bucks that trend and she looks very good when facing away from the camera.

Are we right? An Australian hurdler, Jenneke watcher her stock soar after a video of her pre-race dance went viral. It's safe to say that her backside and looks in general has been getting her plenty of attention big. Miesha Tate is an incredible female UFC fighter who also happens to be smoking hot. In other words, she knocks out other female MMA fighters while also knocking the socks off her male fans with her rockin' body. It's not every day you see a girl who's 6-foot-3 AND smoking hot, but Kim Glass is the exception to the rule.

Another beautiful wrestling babe girls, Bella brings more than just good looks and attitude to the ring.

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Oh, and apparently she's a Boston Celtics fan, too. This Olympic silver medal gymnast might just have the tightest tush girls the list. Her body has to be incredible chiseled to bend in the ways she does for competition and her butt is just a beneficiary of that training.

As an Olympic gold medal swimmer, Rice goes through intense workouts on a regular basis that make her body incredibly toned. Her backside benefits from track as you can tell from this picture. Ripping over the big as a pro surfer has bbw hot girl Lakey's butt to be perfect for booty on lists like this one.

She's incredibly young turned 20 in September so we'll be seeing her incredible figure for a while. You may not know this, but being a triple jumper takes a ton of strength. One of the biggest assets a triple jumper has? Large buttocks. As an Olympic gold medal snowboarder, Hannah has an incredibly strong and toned core, which includes her very nice rear end.

If you weren't into women's pro snowboarding before, you will be now.

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Another fitness enthusiast who specializes in CrossFit training, Perez has used her background as a high school athlete to help her keep a toned, fit body. Oh, and her backside is pretty nice. The fact this surfing beauty is a Hawaiian native automatically puts her on this list. That fact also makes it not surprising that she's a pro surfer Open of Surfing. Although she's a former Olympic swimmer, Amanda Beard is more known for her looks.