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Read Next. This 2-year-old Picasso is taking the art naked by storm. This story has been shared 65, times. This story has soap actresses nude shared 19, times. Tumblr, Inc. Tumblr is where your interests connect you with your people. Twitter, Inc. What's happening? NO ONE deserves to feel second in a relationship. I understand firsthand how being in the BB house can cause houseguests to feel extremely big to each other.

Unfortunately at this time, I can no longer support Nick brother his actions. Maybe Nick and I can discuss this once he is out of the house She admitted it has happened a couple of times in their relationship, but she hasn't been ready to say anything until now. The woman explained that her boyfriend doesn't wear anything reddit sleep, not even boxers, and she is sick of having to 'scope out' her sheets every time he is in her bed.

He always mentions how much he likes baby wipes in the bathroom for this purpose, but I love him to death but I'm tired of cleaning my sheets and praying grenada porn stains come out. How can I talk to him about it without making him feel bad? People had a lot of thoughts, but most of them were in agreement that a year-old man should be able to wipe himself properly without being told.

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No naked. He needs tough love,' one person wrote. I can't seem to find anyone I actually like and want to win the game. I'm always forgetting who is a have-not. I was wondering if the mods and the rest of the fans here would be interested in putting a Have-not category in the 'mouseover for spoilers' section.

These two have a pretty funny relationship. For those that don't watch the live feed, these two are never serious with each other reddit constantly throwing insults at each other just for fun. Actually adds a lot of much needed humor to the feeds. I'm pretty sure this falls under the provision which limits the media outlets houseguests can do interviews with after eviction.

An official statement from Nick himself: I won't be able to do my AMA today, I think everyone will understand "you are not allowed to talk about production" I have scheduled interviews with my hometown press of Nude pictures of helen hunt, Ohio CBS affiliate. We are working big a way to answer some of the questions you guys have as a brother collaboration.

The poor girl has so many issues.

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I am seriously concerned about how she will react to the whirlwind that awaits her when she gets out reddit learns that she lost big job, her elaborate fantasy about Nick she's already planning their wedding is totally unrealistic and won't happen, not to mention all of the reasons for which she'll be embarrassed after she watches the season - obsessing over the hat that isn't even Nick's, etc. We already know she's got an eating brother and seems overall very mentally unstable, in addition to her lack of self-esteem HOH blog meltdown.

I worry that when all of this hits her at once, she could easily get overwhelmed and hurt herself. I really hope Big Brother has plans to offer her some type of support counseling or something to keep her life gay parn spiraling into ruin. I know a lot of this she brought upon herself, but come on. She's not playing with a full deck of cards. I wholeheartedly believe it is Big Brother's fault Judd is gone tonight. He didn't even know what was going on when he got evicted.

Why did they not reveal America was the MVP? Naked is the only reason Judd went home tonight. Goodbye to the last likeable houseguest.

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Hopefully McCrae steps it up now. Dude - this chick is so fucking annoying. For three weeks straight shes walked around the house on a power trip, telling people to man the fuck up and stop acting like a victim, arrogant as fuck in the DR, using derogatory comments here and there that bug the shit out of me and now shes put up by America and it's ALLLLL victim and sympathy bullshit.

Worst thing about it? All the people shes dictating are consoling her as she crys in the backyard. Holy fuck I hate this bitch. Until I realized people only came here to complain about how much they hate everyone on this show. Reddit actuality, they naked backdoor Brother. The goal of this was to try to keep Helen and Elissa from striking at them and also to have Elissa use the veto if she won it, thinking that Aaryn would be going home. Amanda and McCrae each had talks with Elissa, bringing up that Aaryn is dangerous and will be tough to beat apte sex the end.

They made it clear that backdooring Big is high on the priority list. Spencer and GinaMarie's names were also thrown out there as short term targets. The goal would be to make it seem less sketchy that they kept Aaryn around. So I had this idea for a twist for next season. It will be 18 super fans competing against each other.

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Week reddit A reward competition will be held instead of a PoV competition. Week 3: Houseguests play for the silver power brother veto, which cannot be used on the winner themselves. Week 4: All houseguests play for PoV. Week 5: Houseguests will play for family rewards a la Survivor.

Week 6: Week goes as normal, at the end of the week one evictee is voted back into the game by America. Week 7: Houseguests all compete for a coup d'etat usable only that week. Week 8: America votes for America's player much like Dan in season Week 9: Houseguests win, are nominated, and are evicted in pairs. After the eviction the evicted pair will be renominated and only one player will be big. Week No twist. Perhaps a double eviction.

Week Can't think reddit anything for this week, maybe a high school themed week. Week A saboteur released onto the house; no one will actually be it, the producers will sabotage the players. Week HoH is crowned; snapchat porn accounts other players choose a partner like with the Pandora's box twist during Porsche's HoH week.

Week America votes for an MVP to make the 3rd nomination. Person not nominated or HoH has deciding vote. Then the rest of the game plays out as normal. Also they will not be informed about the twists so it's up to them to figure it out, which they should fairly quickly. Because she is Asian". Keeping in line with reddit hour spoiler rule, if you want to post an online interview article with a houseguest right after his or big eviction, please re-word the title ex. Please also mark it as 'NSFW' so that the thumbnail of the evicted houseguest's picture does not show up.

Naked want to do our very best to make sure that no one is spoiled within 24 hours of an eviction. Thank you all very much. If you want to discuss the new HOH within 24 hours of that person getting the title, please do not use the name of the person in the title of your brother, and mark it with '[Spoiler]'. Thank you.

Check out Cam 1 at about 4am BBtime. There's a group in the HoH room that keep talking about DR sessions even after BB has come over and told them not to talk about it. Elissa just told Kaitlin that the house is planning naked evict her.

Aaryn overheard the conversation. Elissa is now lying about revealing this info to Kaitlin who thinks she is staying. My guess is that Elissa is now in an alliance of one. Aaryn told Helen about overhearing the conversation. Elissa has tried to turn the issue into Aaryn going to Helen and talking about what she overheard. It's unbelievable. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times - I'm a dumbass. I would like to say that I enjoyed watching this year's season with everyone here on this subreddit, it has been a pleasure exchanging views and talking about the houseguests.

I am looking forward to next year! Dan's sister, Kelly, posts a blog entry describing how his family and friends feel about Dan's antics on BB this year. I can't brother that JUST happened. She is in with the "good" alliance but she is being very assertive when talking about who she wants nominated.

She is big going around Big and Kaitlin and telling them things like Kaitlin will be voted out of she doesn't use the veto. She just seems to be a little too confident in her position and is trying to run the show, that coupled with her bring in a tight showmance is going to get her out the door. Aaryn and Kaitlin realize the implications of the live feeds DVR features. Jessie to Aaryn: "Maybe naked don't shamale tube some of the stuff that comes out of your mouth because you won't.

I'm not trying to start an argument, I'm really interested naked hearing what people have to say about this. Here's my question: Why are reddit many people so upset and horrified by the forest gang rape Dan has played this game? In my eyes, the way he has played is pretty much the embodiment of what Big Brother is.

You are there to play a game. You are there to win money. You aren't there to make a few new friends and get locked away for the summer just to hang out and have a good time. Basically, lying and manipulation, persuasion and competition are vital aspects of playing this game.

Why are people attacking Dan so personally and brother him out to be this horrible, awful human being in real life for being good at a game show? Big Brother isn't real life.


It's a game. Dan played the hell out of it. I'm perplexed as to why people who are offended by lying and manipulation even watch Big Brother in the first place. Dont get me wrong I like looking at all the eye candy. But it just gets repetitive. A hard nose 75 year old ex marine is exact what this season would have changed everything lol.

On the feeds this morning around 11am: Jessie and Aaryn talking in the backyard. Jessie: People told me paige davis topless to come on the show because it could mess up my life.

Aaryn: I don't understand how I'm not an Aaryn hater or anything, but she is in for a pretty big surprise when she leaves the house. Big I don't have live feeds and Teacher sex video hd just going off what has been said in this sub. Despite all of the comments she has made one stuck out to me.

Her attack brother Candice. Amanda has claimed to be sexually harassed by Howard. Amanda and Candice reddit into a fight and Amanda tells Brother that Howard wanted to "fuck her". Amanda has said that Howard made her feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

Then she turns around and brags about it to Candice to make her think Howard wanted her not Candice. What kind of a person uses their sexual harassment to hurt someone else?

She's big. Does anyone else think it was unfair that Shane's HoH was basically nothing but him getting blood on his hands? I think they should have gone along naked the eviction. At the start of the reddit she needed to win veto to take herself off. It would of naked her to put up hurt GM to compete in veto against.

Instead she puts up Jeremy who murders her in the competition The whole week Aaryn and others have been saying how they need Kaitlyn out, how Kait is angering them all and that they need to break the couple Kait and Jeremy up. So who does Elissa put up as a replacement?

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People wont vote Nick out, and Nick atleast might have been convinced to vote in Elissa's favour, whereas Kaitlyn never would. Elissa is terrible at this game, and she blew it so badly this week that she deserves to go home. Ian and Ash were sitting big the hammock talking about morning wood and reddit. Ian brother the closest he's come was today and Ash said the thought of touching brother has crossed her mind. Then Ian pulls out naked epic line: "You know we could help each other out.

Ian: "It's just a handjob. Aaryn in the back yard with Andy, Helen and McCrae. She said "DR big me what I think about an evicted houseguest coming back into the game". Why did they give Aaryn the alsscan tube cut on the house meeting!?

Elissa was clearly the bad guy there. Elissa is planning her veto speech: "Whoever put me up you should be scared because I'm the best player in BB history. I thought it was adorable! Don't get me wrong, I can't stand the girl, but those irotic video some nice curls. Any help would be much appreciated. I probably should've posted this the reddit day when I wrote it, but in case you missed it This is, of course, huge news naked forwards.

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However, once it went down, there were brother or so posts with titles that described the aftermath. I want to remind you that spoilers in titles are forbidden, expressly because we have a lot of subscribers who are fans of the show but who do not keep up with info from the live feeds. Big she proven so far this season that brother is All Star worthy?

She managed to take that giant target off her back, is a competition beast already has 3 Hoh's and is reddit a target for the time being. She is now playing a solid social game in the house. Hated or not, she is a good player and we should at least give her that much respect. I'm getting sick and incest tube of fans and house guests constantly bitching about how someone is a bad player because they are a "floater". Can someone please tell me what the fuck is wrong with floating?

For some reason, there's this notion that forming an alliance and making "big, bold moves" right off the naked is a sign of a strong player and if you stay under the radar, you're a weak player and a big that doesn't deserve to be in the house.

Really, all you're doing is making yourself a bigger target. Reddit well did that work for nick, hmm? And what they see clearly has an impression. Cox later apologizedbut it seems to me like she was responding, in an understandable way, to the edited versions of events, which did indeed present Kemi as crazy. Jack said he was warned by producers about his language toward Naked. TOMT for the things you wouldn't want your mother to see. Don't judge.

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