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The singer also recently signed up to Instagram and has been teasing images from the recording studio as she works on her new studio album. Bey also quoted a line from Bob Dylan in one post as she hinted which artists she was seeking insiparion from for new music. Jay-Z also recently teased a potential collaboration between the singer and Emeli Sande after ukraine hentai the Scottish star could be a massive hit in the US.

Love Island. One Direction.

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We bikini use cookies on the site for personalisation, analytics and ads. My first thought on the situation was, well, if her weight tumblr getting criticized, then people might mistake me for a beached whale in my swimsuit this summer. Body that right there is why body shaming Selena is harmful not only to her, but to girls and guys everywhere. Because there's nothing wrong with her rockin' beach bod, there's nothing wrong with mine, and there's nothing wrong with anyone's, for that matter.

Props to Abigail for recognizing that this issue isn't just about Selena.

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It's never OK to judge someone's weight, whether they're a celebrity or not. People talking about how she looks in her bikini only moves us backwards in a movement to start being more body-positive, and it's a change many of us sorely need. Keep rocking those bikinis.