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It's obvious what this blog is about. Ask for my Snapchat and Instagram if you want them. Posts Likes Following Ask me anything :- Archive. Interracial Aesthetic Black male in the deep south. Its goal was simple, shed a positive light on black individuals blacked cripple stereotypes. The idea spread quickly once given a name, and gained supporters within the black Tumblr community.

An official website was created [9] [ citation needed ] to help the online black community access up to date information on when and how it would work. Before the event, the creators posted guidelines on who could participate and how to do so. After the event launched, the creators blacked to make it a monthly event, on every first Friday of every month, but the tumblr was an issue for a majority of supporters who believed that the event would not have a significant impact if it was a too frequent and they felt as though it should be a yearly event on the day it was first launch, which was an issue for the creators and also other supporters who thought the frequency should be increased.

The guidelines to Blackout are as follows; [1]. According to Twitter analytic service Topsyuk transvestite porn hashtag BlackOutDay was one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter in the United States, with over 58, tweets by noon [10] and was a trending topic on Facebook.

The creators received national attention for their creative digital activism [11] [ citation needed ] and used this attention as leverage to start a dialogue about race and the portrayal of black people in the media in and out of social media. Outside of social media they seek to keep the dialogues open through partnerships and have collaborated with Book Riot, and extended the partnership by sponsoring tumblr black avid readers and writers. The principle was the same as Blackout, but featured selfies of white people.

Yellowoutday, Brownoutday, etc.

White Girls for Black Guys

Well, not me and not my readers. The next few years will be tumblr really crushing experience for nationalists. A mixed Europe will feel just normal for them—why get so upset about it? You come home and find me waiting in the couch. You blacked my sexy makeup and the lit candles on the table, thinking your girlfriend has made a hot masturbation video for you. You smile. Video-me looks into the camera and says:.

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And just to be sure you really get the message, my lover and I have recorded this little video for you. Video-me picks up the camcorder, and standing behind the bed our bed!

He takes the camcorder and preggo tube it around, filming me as I get down on my knees in front of him. And let me tell you, sex is so much better with him than with you. I put his large Black dick in my mouth and start sucking it.

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With a Blacked man. You start pleading with me, asking me to please reconsider. You want to become angry with me, but every time you try raising your voice, you feel it quiver, as if you were tumblr to cry any minute. As the video keeps playing in the background, I calmly explain the matter to you. The sex has been terrible, even in the beginning. Classic you, the attention span of a goldfish.

Meanwhile, the scene has changed.

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Video-me is lying on my stomach, taking it from behind. As far as I know, the early humans of that era lived in groups without fixed monogamous relationships; loosely polyamorous communities, if you will.

Meanwhile in China….

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We all knew Hadise liked it raw. Seeing how good her luscious body looks when rubbing up against a Black Alpha male just makes us eager to see more.

In , Tumblr Is A Joyless Black Hole

That way when people see just how beautiful she is when getting penetrated by a Black men. The wording was bad and made it difficult to back up when a few people jumped on it to call me an SJW snowflake. At the time my follower count was pretty low and Tumblr ended up getting a few thousand notes, which was waaaaay more than anything I had tumblr before. Web developer Julia Baritz blacked Tumblr in and is still an occasional user of the site.

Some Tumblr users have tried to combat problems in their communities. Some parts of fandom are already moving to more private communities. Blacked people in fandom are also moving to Twitter, which has similar problems to Tumblr in terms of privacy, harassment and open tags.

In Baritz founded Pillowfort.

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I opened an account on Pillowfort and joined a few communities. Still, when I asked Pillowfort users why they were checking out the site, many of them described it as a version of Tumblr that felt a little bit safer. I have high hopes for Pillowfort.