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If you didn't bleed after losing your virginityxxxfreevideos doesn't mean you weren't a virgin. Like we said, different people have different amounts of hymenal tissue and different amounts of lubrication — and more than half of people with vaginas who've had P-in-V sex didn't bleed after their first time.

So if you didn't bleed, don't stress — if the moment was significant to you, it's still significant. Vaginas might bleed after having any kind of sex that involves vaginal penetration — such as being fingered or using a sex toy — for similar reasons as bleeding after P-in-V sex: the hymen gets stretched or torn, the fingers or toy cause an abrasion or small cut, or one of the health conditions mentioned above.

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Bleeding after anal sex or anal fingering or using a sex toy might also indicate a tear or abrasion, or a hemorrhoid a swollen vein in your anusand in rare cases, a perforation in your colon. If a penis bleeds after any kind of sexthe urethra, prostate, or foreskin may have been irritated, but it could also indicate a health condition, so you should see a doctor.

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Does Losing Your Virginity Hurt? While some people with vaginas feel minor pain or discomfort when they have P-in-V sex for the first time or first few timesif you start having sex and it feels bad, you can stop. Try spending a lot of time on foreplay and other sexual activities before beginning penetration, use plenty of lube, go slowly, try a different positionand communicate with your partner.

And that goes for any person having any kind of sex. Remember, sex should be fun and feel good.

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