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Cecil Effertz 3 years ago. Sam Schumm 3 years ago. Imgur mirror: [W-what was that, mayor?

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Mikel Kunde 3 years ago. Giovanna Gutmann 3 years ago. Carter Bernhard 3 years ago. Heather Littel 3 years ago. That's hilarious.

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Laurence Ziemann 3 years ago. Sarina Nitzsche 3 years ago. Wilma Luettgen 3 years ago. Correct, any hook that freaks jiggle doesnt pull the hero to the normal location means roadhogs left click does severely less damage if they can even find the hero in the split second that they are stunned.

As someone who has roadhog as his most played, I'd argue that roadhog gets fucked more with boob physics than it benefits him. I'd rather not pull someone through a wall gif if it means that hero's didnt jiggle for 2 seconds as the hook cant pull them because they are standing on a step.

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Even after watching the video, I'm still somehow not convinced that this is Olivia Wilde. She looks so different! I am still rooting for Martina Hill, but I don't have an explanation what she is doing in an American GQ issue, even if it's a comedy issue. Wow, you really took your time to create an elaborate reply. Congratulations to your intellect. Or is it the fact that no fap February is over and your blood went downhill? Exact gif as OP boob I just came in here to say that I've had a shitty day and leaving this boob in a separate window to keep glancing back at has been therapeutic, and distracting.

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