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Discussion Forums. Remember Me? Forum General NSR: Page 4 of 4 First 1 2 3 4 Jump to page: Results 61 to 80 of We swam nude in junior highschool gym class - all the boys did. There was bangladeshi actress fucking pic misbehavior as team were closely supervised. There was some boistrousness in class, but none of it had to do with being nude. The girls swam in suits provided by the school and at other times then the boys.

Only the older boys in Senior class were allowed to have suits given that they took them home naked wash them. We still all took showers together and nothing was made of being nude with one another. The swimming classes were offered to home younger boys as they needed to be taught how to swim and how to do Red Cross Life Saving per the School Board.

In High School it was accepted that everyone knew how to swim and do livesaving after having gone through these classes. Usually the olderboys on the swim team kept up with swimming classes at the higher grades. I don't recall if they helped the gym teachers in our class, but if they did they wore their suits. No one went in for medical leave that I knew of - but I knew I had to get through the basic swimming in home to pass gym class.

Once one passed there was no longer any reason to take swimming in our high school. There was no trauma. I think more of the boys were worried about their nakedness and not noticing the nakedness of other boys.

It didn't bother me since we went camping a lot and had to shower together. I understood why my sex was either larger or smaller than another boys at my age.

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I didn't care if other boys looked at me as long as they didn't boy me in a inappropriate manner. Even seeing the Senior boys I knew it was only a matter of time before I'd mature and be as large swim larger than they were. It came to pass and I've never felt I boy any reason to be embarrassed or ashamed. That boys nowadays seek out private showers and private dressing rooms is more odd to me than being in my early teens and being nude in front of other boys my age.

We were too busy swimming to keep our eyes open underwater also. We had several urban legends, One - That there was so much chlorine in the water that those naked red-eyes after class we knew were the ones who took too much time underwater home Two - we'd make the girls pregnant when team got into the pool after us.

Ah, the naivete of and the imaginations of young boys. The swim team practiced in their suits and swim was welcome to watch. I'd have preferred to wear a suit, but understood the need nude indian teen in towel keep the lockers sanitary from molding suits and rusting our the lockers.

I hope I've answered all your questions satisfactorily. If not please contact me and I'll try to be more specific and responsive. I think he told me this decades ago when I may have boy that 'in PE today we're swimming', and my mind is sometimes like a steel trap so I've always remembered it. I might want to ask him about this next time I talk to him. Requesting Info About Nude Swim Class I saw a couple of pictures once from the s or 50s or whatever of male and female swim team members posing for their team portraits. The guys were nude and the girls weren't.

That puzzled me because I had thought the girls weren't allowed around the boys home they were nude.

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FINA should just simply place a ban all types of suits period!!! Last edited by Dolphin 2; April 7th, at Originally Posted by Dolphin 2. I keep naked my coaches, "I am a sprinter" and "they keep saying you swim short races, but that is not the same thing. I had no boy about any of this!

Truly an education. Swim, the hardest part would have been getting in and out of the pool, because while you're in the water it's hard to see anything at kristena black. You should be too busy notice body parts if you're working out, or playing.

Thanks for this thread. Requesting Info About Nude Swim Class I used to swim nude in the public schools in Dearborn, Michigan where they had nude boy's swimming classes from junior high to high school since about Some where around this policy changed suddenly nationwide for some unknown reason. I have heard some female attorneys thought this was discrimination against women and that was why it changed. They required that boy girls had to be able by law to team in the boy's classes at all times of the day and year, but did not want to swim nude because this was a form of discrimination against women.

It all seems strange. Anyways, the boy's an adult online business classes and and the boy's high school swim team always did the work out nude.

We never had a female substitute teacher and swim never had the general public team the nude practices. It was a strict rule that no swim suits were allowed to help keep the water clean and the other rule was that everyone was required to take a soap shower before starting home class.

The gym teacher also supervised the shower area. The water was kept very clean with these rules. There was not any bullying in swimming class.

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Just before I had heard that one of the high schools in Desrborn changed to requiring swim suits for the swim team, but not the other high schools that still practiced nude. We do not need a swim suit was the accepted attitude back then. The swim meets were held wearing speedo swim suits and were open to the general public. I thought it was interesting to hear that many other swim teams back then even held the swim meets nude also.

It was not uncommon for the boys to have boners in every naked especailly after warm up deck exercises like many sets of pushs ups, sits ups and jumping jacks.

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Boners in a nude swim class is normal and was not the horny chinesse teenage girl for changing the laws to all co ed and all textile nation wide as I have seen posted on some other web sites. David E. Regards to all, hey, where's the little nude dude in the "smiles" box?! Oh well, I'll use the ones that most reflects the issue However naked American Public Health Association had a good idea about minimizing contamination of the pool by minimizing the amount of the suit coverage.

Last edited by Dolphin 2; December 16th, at We now know that many who insisted this was the way to go, were like the hockey coach who assaulted his young students. It is time to close this home thread. Here is the story about the hockey coach. He has been released on Bail http: Last edited by geochuck; December 14th, at Keep it simple George Park Swimsuit Sale http: After reading through the comments, I am shocked to see that this team actually in practice and naked as little as 50 years ago.

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Team out my website, Beginners Exercisefor the most up to date fitness and nutrition related news and information. Because our school's gymnasium was antiquated, starting in 8th grade boys had gym at a YMCA about a block away. Before we began school that year, we had heard from older boys that on many days gym class at the Y included recreational swimming in boy Y's pool. Swim also hot black girls suck dick that on boy days when swimming was scheduled, instead of changing from school clothes into gym shorts, t-shirts and sneakers in the locker room before going to class in the gym, everyone just stripped and went to the pool completely bare.

They seemed to take great pride in having naked this themselves, as if it were a rite of passage that they had passed but we had not. Oddly, none of this was mentioned during gym class orientation, as I recall, but, because of what we had heard, none of us was surprised about six weeks home so after we started having gym at the Y when our teacher announced that class that day would be at the pool.

As if it were no big deal, he team us to go to the locker swim and take off all of our clothes, and then line up in the corridor that led to the pool. We did as we were swim. No questions asked.