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Hello everyone, I'm new on this group and I wanted to share this wonderlust of mine with you all: Suelen Carvalho www. Along all these years of seeking the sexiest arms it seems she is the one I would crown the Goddess of hairy arms. It seems brazilians are the very best like also miss Brazil Gabriela Markus: I wondered if someone knows about another site then Bella de semana where they have perfect brazilian women with hairy arms!? I don't know of any specifically Brazilian arms, but I agree that there are many, many hairy Brazilian women who one could drool over girls day.

I assume the genetics is primarily a result of Portuguese colonization, which makes me wish we could see more female Portuguese bodies on these sites.

Originally posted 27 months ago. I love Brazilians too but just like the brazilian, they are really starting to be involved in the hair removal craze. They are fashion conscious and anything that doesn't meet the phony "beauty pageant" standards, is considered not acceptable.

Always some group trying to tell others what they should do or look like. Same thing with Venezuela. Makes me sick. Sign brazilian for a free account, or sign in if you're already a member.

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Go back to the beta groups experience. Photos Discussions Members Map About. How to get girls to talk about their arm hair without mentioning it directly 3 replies. Does anyone have any ideas for this? I like the idea of women talking about thei As I have said here before, my wife has very dense girls on her arms. It does not Is this now the group "Girls with barely noticeable arm hair"?

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Judging from our latest posts, it seems so. I hope this doesn't indicate the fut Red hair 6 replies.

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Anyone have pics redhead pornstars close up women with red arm hair? Where is salviginoo? Check this out!!!

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Ever dated a woman with super hairy arms? My current GF is not hairy, and considering our odds of marrying I'll probably n Does anyone have a partner with hairy arms? Ads Being Posted 0 replies.

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Moderators, someone with user name "Victoria Top" is posting irrelevant ad pi Male Arms Now? Can you remove them please?

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Discord Server 1 reply. Whatever happened to it? I thought there used to be a discord server for this gr Aubrey Garafola 2 replies. Does anyone else remember a member of Flickr who deleted all of her photos named Brazilian women guarded face [deleted] says: Would you like to comment?