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My main goal was to get the Bronco all the way up to Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories bronco Canada a. But my oil-blowing, all-timewheel-drive transmission leaking, death-wobbling suspension Bronco needed a complete mechanical makeover before that had a chance of happening. And babes it was that I began Project Road Warrior 2. What I needed to do is to build a reliable road vehicle that could take on some harsh road conditions but still be highway friendly.

When Summit Racing Equipment decided to join the project, I felt that Bronco excitement come back to me!

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The old cid engine in the truck had been rode hard and put away wet, and wet it still was because of all the blow-by! But the more research I did, the more I realized that even with a complete Rebuild, the would not be the best motor for my application, as gas mileage was also a major concern. I had one in my Mustang and still, to this day, regret selling it. She would climb with power and keep on chugging along uphill but was always grateful babes the downhill stretches. So I decided on the stroker motor — technically a small-block Windsor crate motor supplied by Blueprint Engines.

What can I nayanthara nude sex pics -- wires and computers scare me! But Holley swore this was an idiot-proof system. Because it sounded like it was made for me and would help get my Bronco to top 8 mpg, even I was willing to try the EFI system, figuring that maybe even an old dog could learn new bronco, right?

After a few bumps with the EFI, I decided to go with a carburetor. Some of us are made for the simple things, and to me computers are the devil. Babes I'm an old dog that doesn't like new tricks! With the parts on their way bronco Summit to the Classic Speed and Custom shop in Charlotte, I had one last stop to make before the tear-down began.

I was still fighting the loose steering and caster issues even after returning the Bronco to stock ride height, but I managed to get them to take a look and they immediately offered suggestions to fix my problems. The previous owner had added a three-inch babes to my Bronco and another three-inch body lift kit. National Parts Depot had everything I needed to switch out the springs and shocks back to stock height, but I quickly found there bronco another big difference between my Mustang and Bronco — and that was parts availability.

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