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The Cancer - Leo cusp is all about movement — emotional and physical. Swinging from one emotion to the next, the challenge for this cusp is to find their emotional center.

However, if your energies are off and you're feeling more sensitive or dramatic than usual, you may be inclined to manipulate others or the situation at hand. It's your moral responsibility to recognize when you're cristina fox nude puppet master for your own desires and needs, especially if it stems from a selfish or negative place.

Born on the Cancer-Leo cusp, you have the potential to be a well-rounded, dynamic person. You are influenced by two drastically different signs, and it will take effort on your part to make these energies work together instead of against each other.

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Combining your care for others with your confidence in yourself will make you a successful leader who is deeply respected by your team, both at work and at home.

You'll feel most fulfilled if you're devoting your time to helping others and making a positive difference. Keep yourself balanced and you'll do incredible things!

Rest assured that they try their best to handle it and once they do get the hang of keeping these opposing traits in harmony, they become the best versions of themselves. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

The Intense Cancer-Leo Cusp |

You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. This person loves to imagine what he could do with success man spend a lot of his time on it — he can be really creative and has many options of what he can do in his life, and in this process, he can become totally alienated from his primary tendency. Extremely intuitive and sentimental, this human can be love of the most challenging people cancer have ever meet, but he just seems cusp person who is open, but in fact, he is much more reclusive than he shows.

Emotions are extremely strong, and when it comes to family and home, nothing matters to them more than this; he is compassionate and empathetic, very attached to the people surrounding it.

For people born in this combination of signs, loyalty is a keyword — people who are around him must show it all the time, constantly, and if they lose it, problems will arise. Sometimes he behaves oddly leo people who are prone to direct access, cause he just wants to be that person in all free porn videos centre inattention; but he is not a manipulator.

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He just needs to glorify himself before he feels safe enough, so as not to risk a refusal. He has the ability of athena faris porn psychological breakthrough that can develop during his lifetime if he so chooses. He desperately tries to manage emotions and needs to feel safe before he let you close, in order to display his deepest feelings.

Often he is empathic, able to sympathize with others pain or suffering, this is the reason he is loved by many, but also the reason for his sometimes erratic behavior. A woman born in the cusp of Cancer and Leo sign is simply a wonderful person in every sense of the word — she feels like she is a very blessed towards everyone, extremely well-intentioned, not a little evil, she always helps everyone and especially close people. Of course, this lady can sometimes regret because she sometimes behaves nicely toward people who do not deserve it, but she cannot help it.

The reason we call this union fun, yet not so promising is because of the inevitable clashes in the long run.

Relationship Compatibility of the Cancer-Leo Cusp with Other Signs

What is most important to a water-bearer is freedom! The tendency of our cusp to be way too dependent and protective may make the water-bearer feel smothered cancer a relationship. This air sign isn't the kind to take any nonsense, but would rather go further away in search of an adventure. If an understanding is established in this aspect, these two are pretty much the partners in crime, fun, laughter, and more!

The signs discussed above are those that have the ability, patience, willpower, and tact to handle the volatility and intensity of a Cancer-Leo. This cusp is all about power, man, and 'I-know-it-all' mentality. On the other hand, vengeful, trini porn, and unstable signs are also not quite apt.

Yes, we have included Aquarius in the list, but with a disclaimer. Another aspect that must be kept in mind while determining the relationship compatibility of cusp signs, is to conclude what is their dominant sign. Taking Cancer-Leo cusp as an example, one must read about the personality traits of both Cancer and Leo to see which side dominates them. Broadly, it is said that those born at the initial dates of the cusp belong to the former sign, while the later dates of the cusp cusp makes one more of the latter sign.

This means that those born on July 19 are more of Cancerians, while those born on July 23 are more of Leos. Having said that, it is crucial to remember that there are other determinants to your zodiac chart that influence your personality with others.

These people have interesting characteristics owing to the combination of two opposite natural elements viz fire and water. They are full of energy, sensitive, graceful and highly ambitious. They generally have dramatic changes in them. People who knows them leo only dare to converse with them. They can be resistance to emotional manipulation, and easily bend towards kind attitude. Love love and war they are highly competitive can result in the most sticky soldiers at both the fronts.

cancer leo cusp personality

They always keep their colleague happy and delegate their duties and authority to the sense of responsibility of course they have tendency of taking risk and play danger at some situation. What they come out of that soon because of their decision making powers in them. Many of them are emotionally blocked and prone to depression too.