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Clarke spoke to The Sun about her nude scenes and said she regrets van :. From the get-go of the seriesrape and nudity featured heavily in Game of Thronesand, for some viewers, it became gratuitous at times. Speaking specifically about the treatment of women in the show, Gabrielle Bruney wrote for Esquire :.

While some were critical scene the star wars animated porn against women, Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark, had a different point of view. Sansa's assault in season five, which Bruney points to above, was one of the most talked-about issues in the series, and even led some fans to boycott the showas ITV reports. However, for Houten, this scene was a turning point in terms of her engagement with issues raised on the show.

I don't think it's easy to overstate the importance of that dialog; sex, by seeing us tell that part of Sansa's story, 10 carice of sexual violence felt empowered to talk about their experience, I'll happily put up with the Twitter storm in a teacup. It was before I had a child. I would be more uncomfortable now.

Carice van Houten: 'Nude scenes were necessary for me once, but I'm over them'

The times have changed in many ways. Back then, it was all a little overwhelming. No one forced me into anything, but in hindsight I might have been a little more cautious with it. Clarke spoke to The Sun about her nude scenes and said she regrets nothing : "There's not one part of the show that I would go back and redo.