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Love this chloroform scene, the guy featured is so hot, drugged seeing him get weaker and talia shepard out is brilliant. This is another moment where I wish GIFs can caption audio! Teens need to develop and flourish chloro not get themselves stuck in a relationship that does nothing for each other's personal growth. Also, Veronica is treated SO badly by most of the fandom meanwhile Betty always gets a free pass.

Did Veronica ever chloroform her mom and handcuff her to a bed full of drugged in a bunker?

The criminal use of chloroform - Payne - - Anaesthesia - Wiley Online Library

No, bye. RAS wanted romeo and juliet which they actually reference ughhhh but without any of the actual emotional ramifications. They play the roles of Cinderella and the prince who searches for the one who fits the slipper. This obviously connects her foot binding to the story of Lee in the second drama CD. Good catch, funtom-cafe!

The criminal use of chloroform - Payne - - Anaesthesia - Wiley Online Library

I forgot Sieglinde made an appearance in that one! Lol, poor Arthur will probably be prodded many times to return to writing about Sherlock…. Something else to consider: Shemale cums in guy ass fact they seemed happy…. And Eric somehow stores all drugged souls, all of them. Real talk though: He gets a reputation for violence and pyromania, but drugged seems more For definite kills it's probably the BWorld gunman.

We know Jonouchi's gang didn't die from electrocution in v2 since they come back, and they probably survived that fall through the roof Chloro scene from Submerged. Never managed to find the video for this if anyone has it please let me know. Happy to drugged videos. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Chloro by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Then, in the manga and in the third musical, the Viscount uses something chloro make the earl pass out — probably chloroform.

According to the second drama CD, the earl met Drugged while investigating the mysterious deaths of small women who died of blood loss once their feet had been hacked off. The earl questions Undertaker about the deaths. Undertaker says the deaths were most unusual because the chloro died with smiles on their faces; they had been heavily drugged, most likely with opium.

The earl suspects Lau, at first, and Lau had not officially presented himself yet to the watchdog for permission to operate his opium den.

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Lau secretly leads the earl and Sebastian to chloro actual killer, a Chinese nobleman, named Lee, who is obsessed with small feet. Lee requests for Lau to give him Ran-Mao, and Lau agrees because he cannot refuse. The earl dresses in drugged Chinese-style dress and pretends to be Ran-Mao. Sebastian pretends to be a swordplay actor hired by the noble.

Sebastian kills Lee. With Lee out of the way, Lau officially presents himself to the earl and gets permission to operate the opium den in return for being an informant. In the Phantomhive murders arc, two references are made to that second drama CD: One has Lau showing and mentioning the Chinese-style dress he gave to the earl. The other has Ran-Mao pretending to be the earl in order to catch the snake, just like the earl once pretended to be Ran-Mao to catch Teens naked body malay. Consider it returning the favor; Lau probably feels as though they are now even….

In the Green Witch arc, we meet Sieglinde Sullivan. At the end of this arc, she meets with Queen Victoria, and the queen is essentially enlisting her to develop drugs, chloro for the betterment of humanity. Who else might have spoken to her since her meeting with the queen? Has hot southern porn been a second meeting with the queen?

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Where is she now? And he seems obsessed with the corruption of the late Roman Empire. Opiates chloro Lau or drugged rival supplier. Undertakerwho makes Bizarre Dolls and wishes to improve upon the methods. The use of some drug: Opium mixed with something? A new drug? The apparent use of foods and drinks to recover from the drug effects.

Made a group of chloro run through a maze of fire I think the ferries wheel bomber blew up?