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What's more, Chuu has over costumes that she cycles through. Those include everything from Battle Angel Alita, a sleek, black leather-clad warrior from a manga comics series of the same name, to a scantily clad version of Valus, a minotaur warrior from the video game "Shadow of the Colossus.

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Chuu wears the costumes to different conventions and events around the world, before she eventually either throws them out if they get damagedor sometimes sells them to make way for her newest creations. Chuu also makes costumes on commission for other cosplayers, including one she's making now that involves a combination of body armor, fur and a large wig.

Chuu started cosplaying in high school chuu she says she got serious about it eight years ago, after she graduated from college at SUNY Purchase. A lifetime fan of anime, aka Japanese animation, Chuu grew up watching anime series cosplay "Dragon Ball Z" and "Shadow Skill" before becoming the president of the anime club at her college.

ROBOT CONGRESS - 47 - Cosplay (Ft. Stella Chuu!)

After doing cosplay as a hobby for several years while working a full-time graphic design job at Everyday Health in New York, Cosplay decided to make the jump to become a professional cosplayer three years ago. She quit her job, and a year later she moved to Los Angeles, where she now lives with her husband. She admits that it was a risky proposition to leave her job, where she had a guaranteed salary with full benefits, for a relatively uncharted line of work, since there are relatively few professional cosplayers in the world. Last year, she hired a manager to help grow her career, and she's already been described as a "cosplay superstar" by the gaming blog Kotaku.

In addition to her more thanInstagram followers, Chuu has roughlyFacebook followers along with more than 12, people who watch her streams on Twitch. Meanwhile, on her Patreon page, she says kitty lea nude fans can crowdfund her projects while getting a look at the final versions chuu her costumes, which she models in photos and chuu.

She also cosplay roughly 20 comic book and pop culture conventions each chuu. At those events, Chuu typically cosplay an appearance fee, and has the cost of her travel covered by convention hosts or other brands that want to pay her to promote their products.

Cuz let's be real,who desn't like some fanservice versions of their favorite characters? Any suspiciousness can lead to a block When will I get my rewards?

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You will receive your rewards at the start of the next month as a message on Patreon with all links! Links will expire after 2 weeks, so you should be sure you download everything cosplay need before they're gone!

Do you do physical rewards too? Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this,your support means a world to me,cuz you're helping me to achieve my goals and dreams!

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