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Utterly unconcerned with his test roxanne, Rimuto even states warriors who die quicker are best, and when villages refuse to pay the fees, Yoma are sent to wipe them out completely. Throughout the course of the series, Rimuto keeps his warriors as disposable cannon fodder, conducting awful experiments on innocents while being wholly unconcerned with claymore who die in the crossfire.

Show Spoilers. She wants to see if those lips are more suited to kissing than speaking. Can the other warrior see the lust in her eyes?

Has she heard rumors? Does she know what it is to be loved? You never even get a scratch on you. She moves closer. Quite close now, barely a foot between them.

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Her thin lips part but she says nothing, just swallowing. Her eyes are wide, her pupils dilated. Cassandra shifts silently underneath her. Flash forward to present. Roxanne again witnesses Cassandra's secret technique— Dusteater. Feet anchored in ground as pivot, head begins bobbing like metronome upside-down pendulum.

As body collapses to ground-level, swinging to and fro, sword swings scythe-like, wide and close to ground—blade striking target's limbs. Cassandra's roxanne reflects both sword technique and fate of target. Jump SQ September. Anime scenes episodes cited are FUNimation en-us editions, unless otherwise noted. Sign Claymore Don't have an account?

She showed absolutely no remorse and even seemed pleased with herself, laughing at and then killing Cassandra when the No. This explanation can be plausible since Roxanne, true to her nickname, ended up hating and mocking Cassandra after secretly witnessing the latter's technique, roxanne the Organization later promoted her to the No.

She gleefully mocked Cassandra even claymore the latter emerged at her Awakened form, whereas her hatred towards Cassandra didn't falter even when she devoured Roxanne; she even gave a dying curse as her last words, expressing utter contempt and spite towards her former comrade.

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Neideen became the leader of an Awakened Being hunting party that included Roxanne. During the hunt, Roxanne seemingly permanently lost her right eye. Neideen, though initially suspicious, grew to like Roxanne, who admired her and even began to copy her fighting style. The two then bailey arber a partnership that even the Organization acknowledged, and the pair went on numerous hunts together.

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As Roxanne's abilities began to approach Neideen's, the latter died during a hunt for a single, low-ranking Awakened Being. The other warriors were shocked that a single digit would die from such an easy battle. They were more perplexed, however, when Roxanne's right eye returned to normal the instant Neideen died. Roxanne was the leader of Roxanne's first Awakened Being hunting party. She died shortly after Roxanne had stolen claymore "Beautiful Sword" technique. Given the pattern of Roxanne's history, it may be possible that the two also became quite close while Roxanne copied her skills.

Later on, Roxanne would assume her rank of No. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Go ahead and eat shit for the rest of your life! Contents [ show ].