Cum on my gf face

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What's sexy about face is that you WANT it. More often than not when I get a blowjob or have sex with my girlfriend, when she knows the end is near, she starts asking me if I'm about to cum, I say yes, and she'll say "Cum in my mouth, I cum it so bad" or "Give it to me, I want to taste it", or something to that effect. Anything that doesn't make it into her mouth, she gets with her fingers and licks it off.

It's so unbelievably hot!

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But any of the methods you mentioned would work. It's definitely hot when you jack it off yourself into your mouth, too. You don't even have to swallow if you don't like it.

Just always remember It's all in the eye contact. The whole nude pic barzile hottest act is in how cum you seem to want it.

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Hope that's not too graphic, even though it is, haha. But we're keeping it real here, right? Good luck, miss. Hope you went ahead with it and are a pro by now! Awesome answer. I'm going to let my boyfriend do it, but I had absolutely no clue what to do during.

Thanks for sharing how your girlfriend does it! Well, you could do any of those things you listed. I have no problem with it and I do it with my boyfriend. I think it's incredibly sexy to see a pretty girl with come on her face and I see no reason to not allow my boyfriend that pleasure. I enjoyed cumming on my partner's face a couple times. It is fun, but it's also messy! I think most of the women I've been with prefer to swallow typically for that reason, is dylan sprouse naked same with everything.

It's not ever guy's fantasy. And not ever guy that likes it me is super stoked about doing it every time. I say mix it up a bit. A far as the actual facial well, you could face a blowjob then have him pull out last second, or same thing when you both are having sex. Not my fantasy, but its nice not having to care where you aim your load. Anyway, if you do deside make sure to close your eyes.

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And mixed with water it gets even more sticky for some reason. This is a fairly common fantasy, actually. I, myself, do not have any desire to come on a girls face.

If you're going to let him do it, keep your hair away from your face obviously and do NOT let it get in your eyes. You can chose to have sex, pull out and do it or give him a BJ and then let him. Either works. You should ask which he prefers. I think a BJ would be easier since it's very convenient. Following any sex act is fine to follow with a facial come shot. Yes, most guys do want that, although it's not the only place we like to cum. Most guys find it extremely hot if the girl wants it and tells him what she wants him to do with it, where she wants it.

Show him desire, passion, sexy eyes, use a sexy voice, and sexy body language I have let bfs do it. Some guys seem to really get into it, others, not so much. Its kinda hot or fun or different but not something I would usually ask for.

I figure, if you feel its degrading, don't do it. If the guy feels that way, then he shouldn't do it. If you both feel its hot or fun or just something different, then try it. If it was fun, then that's just another fun experience you have had. I've done it a couple of times.

It's very fun to do and see. Basically, just like eye contact during oral sex, it's a sign of desire, which is very hot. Just make sure to tell him where and how and it's up to him to tell you when he's going to so you can get your eyes closed. As has been mentioned below, keep it out of your eyes.