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I would be lucky just to have a bunk bed. Camila : Come on, Dinah. Dinah : You were literally flirting with Lauren. Camila : So what?

Dinah: so, which one of you wears the pants in the relationship? JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up.

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Normani : Why is Mila crying on the floor? Normani : And? Dinah : I fucking know. Dinah : You asked her if she was single. I just realized now that yesterday was 2 years ago since camila left the group damn. Originally posted by partofyourtaleasoldastime. Originally posted by adventurelandia. Originally posted by all-things-disney-gifs. Originally posted by killersandcandy.

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They’re like 1D, Zayn quit, and then after the “Made in the A.M” album release they all go solo,

Originally posted by giveme-yourattention. Mom : … I mean you like make up and dressing up…. Originally posted by chloethegamer. See uh…. Camila : Come on, Dinah. Dinah : You were literally flirting with Lauren. Camila : So what? Dinah : You asked her if she was single. Dinah : Uhh, What are you doing?

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Dinah, looking up: Those are just pictures of Camila. Lauren : I know. The stars are beautiful tonight.

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Lauren: um, Camila got drunk and tried to destroy our marriage certificate. The end of an era has come.

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Inwe were introduced to five talented beautiful minded young Ladies, that managed to capture our hearts. The little Girl Group that could. They went from The Lylas, toto the amazing Fifth Harmony. They entertained us in shopping malls, and concert venues.

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They traveled the globe, hugging, kissing, and taking pictures with damn near every fan that was lucky enough to meet them. They persevered through Management manipulation, and fandom in-fighting. They gave us their blood, their sweat, their hearts, and their tears. They gave us their all. Some of us appreciate that, more than others. They made us laugh.

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They made us cry. They would laugh and cry, black pornstrs us. They gave courage to those who were afraid to be themselves, and life to many, who were lost souls, looking dinah something to hang tumblr to, and give them a reason to smile again. They will continue to do so, even as they take this fork in the road, that leads them down separate paths. Fifth Harmony started, as five precious young souls, that jane my heart, as they did so many other, throughout the world.