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A dog has created buzz among people due to its unique way capturing attention of passers-by. This stray named Naked lady bathroom pic stays in a locality in Bangkok. The dog regularly — and quite convincingly - pretends that its leg is broken and is unable to walk properly.

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It does this all so it can score free food from unsuspecting people around it. This furry scamster came into limelight after people started sharing its video on different social media platforms — especially Twitter. Ahahaha, clever dog! Canny street mutt fakes a broken leg to get attention and food from passers-by in Bangkok pic.

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First time seeing it, but not the first time hearing about it. Someone find this dog and get it to Hollywood! I am going to practice his routine and see if I can earn a few treats!

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I think he does it to get people to feed him. While we stopped to watch him that day, a motorcyclist stopped because he thought the dog was hurt.

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But then he jumped up and walked away. Chongplapolkul assures there is nothing wrong with the dog, reports Metro. Dog fakes leg injury to get attention and food.

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