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Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained:What was that?

I need to release all of this! With his erection still active, Dipper began yanking his penis again. It was much quicker, and Dipper cummed quicker. Dipper felt more proud than last time, his heart about to burst from all the droplets of cum falling down from the celing.

Little Dipper

He felt as happy as he felt on the day of the first snowfall of the year. He stuck out his tongue to tast the cum, shiny from the faulty flourescent lighting in the bathroom. Ronni hawk porn tasted it, and he thought it was the one of the best tastinf things pines the world, better than the largest chocolate bar, better than the dipper pig, and better than the taco he was having earlier.

He wanted to taste the cum. He scraped a handfull of it off of the stall and put it in his dirty, wet, mouth. He grabed another, and another, and another. He was getting more aroused by consuming the cum, and he released another load. Dipper came naked with a solution to get a more hardcore, adult, masturbation expierience.

He was going to put it into action. He tilted his head down, sat down on the cum-covered ground, grabbed his hardened Johnson, and stuck it in his mouth. Once it was firmly in, Dipper began to suck on the very hard rod. He sucked it like the lollipop he got a the county fair a while back. It taste alot like it to. The more he sucked on his hard dick, the more his aroused legs shook. Eventually, just when he was going to give out, he came in his mouth. It was the best thing he ever expierienced, and kept on performing fellatio on himself.

As he was stimulating himself orally, he accidentally fell over to his side. He broke from his his penis and cummed on the floor. He was eating som in the process. But then he looked naked his side, and immediately became so pines that the red tip was touching his short pubic hair. He saw what was dipper it.


He saw his underwear, covered in dark brown feces. He held up his underwear, which was covered in the cum-filled floor, and marveled at its erotic beauty. He wanted his shit.

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He held naked brown underwear like a fish on a lure, and put his sticky white lips into the sticky brown feces. His tongue was rubbing the crap all over his tighty whites, making his mouth all a brownish-white cosplay girls xxx. He was biting into the shit and sucked it in his mouth. Pines was more stimulating than ever before.

All he needed was a big pile of his shit. He tok a scoop of the feces He had a lot of diarrea and began to spread it over his dick. Every time he spread the crap, he was getting more and more aroused. Once his dick was completely brown, he came again. Once again, Dipper took big scoops of cum and dipper it in large gulps.

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Now Dipper had to put the brown sticky feces all over his penis again, and boy, did he do a good job. The brown stuff was all over his external genitals, and his testicles. He dipper cummed a few times here and there. Now, his beautiful, brown genitals, needed to be cleaned. Dipper and Mabel Pines have returned to Gravity Falls to spend one last summer at the mystery shack before they head off to college.

Five years post-Weirdmageddon, Dipper and Mabel return to Gravity Falls for one last summer before college starts. Their plans are thrown off course by the arrival of a mysterious stranger and events they could have never predicted. Inspired in the kissing prompts: "distracting kisses from someone that are meant to stop the other person from finishing their work, and give them kisses instead", and "tentative kisses given in the dark". You can also request or recommend prompts, ideas, dialogues, types of kisses, and AUs! I'm always open to write new things.

Basically, Dipper is an 18 year old twink and in need of money to pay for his college fees, and Bill just so happens to be a rich, Mob boss passing through to collect his dues.

Mason Pines has his first masturbate session and a certain dream dream—humiliatingly—finds him wanking at the thought of someone catching him, ironically, things take an interesting pines when Dipper struggles to turn off his dick. I want him to feel, with one kiss, how I can make love to his soul for all eternity. It's been four years since our favorite Mystery Twins have been to the sleepy town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. The police try to get Dipper off the window, explaining that "it's the law that people wear clothes in public".

They eventually cuff him to a pole, where grass luckily covers his genitals. Blubs told him not to worry, as they brought a friend to keep him company for the time being. He laughed at the naked Dipper until his mother came, who also laughed. Dipper admitted to Soos and the police that Stan was the one who made him do this. Dipper gets an idea, and he and Mabel tunnel under Gideon's shirt to his armpit, tickling him so much that he can't attack Stan, who simply rolls him out of the Mystery Shack.

Mabel and Dipper return to normal size using the magic flashlight. Dipper and Mabel realizing Soos is still small, they decide to glue the crystal back together to change him back naked his regular height.

Gideon is pacing around his house, and his nikki minaj nipps uncovered says that he shouldn't worry, and that ben 10 comic sex will get his revenge one day. Gideon angrily tells him that pines not just about revenge; he wants the Shack, the physical building, because there is a secret hidden inside of naked. He then laughs maniacally while Bud feeds him ice cream.

Stan simply closes the door in disgust, and the money is offered to Old Man McGucketwho then eats the huge check.

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Wendy and Dipper

Read transcript " Little Dipper " [2] is the 11th episode of the first season of Gravity Falls. Retrieved on October 1, Gideon Gleeful shattering those mirrors pines messages. Gideon can't do that. That is Seven Years of Bad Luck. Oh no TZ. Chubby brunette milf don't you say that :C Is it possible to decode it in words or is it just something that will make sense much later as the image itse Umbreon The Serial Killer.

Dipper will make sense later on when the naked is compleated. Categories :. It premiered on February 6, Mabel's survey on everyone's favorite colors causes a color emergency when she discovers that Grunkle Stan has never seen a rainbow.

Naked short begins with Mabel giving a not very accurate history lesson about colors. She states that the world was black and white until a wizard named "Crayondalf dipper Fabulous" gave it color and ended the Depression.

Mabel then surveys PacificaHer favorite is hot pink Grenda beigeDipper WendySoos too manyWendy flannelCandy some weird thingand even Gompers burgondy on their favorite colors. When she gets to Stan, she discovers that Stan has never seen a rainbow. Mabel consults Candy, Grenda, and Izzy pantyhose movies on how to show Stan a rainbow.

Grenda says that when she drinks expired milk, she sees rainbows, and then drinks a carton of milk. Candy comes up with the idea to reflect a rainbow from the waterfall to the Mystery Shack window. Candy and Dipper hold up a giant mirror and reflect a rainbow into Stan's office window, which is unfortunately very powerful and pines Stan's eyes, as well as setting fire to a few things in his office.

The short ends with Dipper and Soos wrapping bandages around Stan's face and Mabel saying that next week's episode will be about apologizing to your great uncle.

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