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She asks for your help for their run away plan. Make your way to the marked tunnel. Check the bus outside the tunnel for a few supplies and a Racing Trophy. The tunnel itself turns out to be a Volatile Hive!

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This is one of the easier hives though. The first enemies you see will be regular zombies. Kill one or two of them to use as a camouflage. Being covered in walker guts makes this mission much easier.

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Follow the path through the hallway. Use takedowns to quietly kill zombies and gain a large chunk of experience points. This final room has Volatilesregular walkers, and two Hive Volatiles. Using the camouflage, sneak around the Volatiles and head for the back of the room. You need to wait until you are contacted by Jasir. He asks you for a private meeting, so return to Jasir's Farm and talk to him.

From the conversation, you learn that his daughter Ezgi ran away from the farm and Jasir want you to find her. Also, he suggests that you examine the farm of her boyfriend - Ozan. Go there - the farm is in the northern part of the map. After you get there, eliminate all of the zombies here. Only after you have secured the farm, take interest in hat eccie dallas came for for.

You need to find two corpses - one of the people are an unidentified girl and Ozan. Pick up and light Letter from Ezgi, which Ozan has been lying on and listen to the radio conversation with Jasir. Your new destination is the encampment to the East of Ozan's farm. Dying you get there, secure the entire encampment, because this will keep you from continuing the quest. The greatest threat are the toad on the tower's rooftop and a big mutant. Try to kill both look them with accurate crossbow shots to their heads. If this does not work, or if you have no bolts, use a firearm or, e.

In such situation, however, ezgi need to keep in mind that explosions may attract more bolters or hunters adult sexi video this is nighttime.

After you have cleared the encampment, enter the North-most trailer, where you find Ezgi and her friend Dara. Ezgi asks you to clear the nearby tunnel, thanks to which the girls will safely reach the city of Harran.

The tunnel that you need to reach is to the North-West of the encampment. Several of the initial locations are occupied by regular zombies, but deeper in, there are hunters. Even if you manage to kill some of them, new ones will come to replace them. Depending on the current time of the day, you can return to the nearest available safe zone and speed up time, wait until dusk or if it is nighttime already enter the hive.

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Unlike the rest of the settlement, Ezgi is very outspoken about her opinion of the settlement's passive nature. This stems from her controlling father, who tries to dictates her life, and she's very independent because of it.

She believes that people should be free to make their own choices in life. Ezgi is otherwise a very caring and friendly person that possesses a big heart for those not accepted by the settlement, and she's friends with at least two people who have been shunned by them. She appears to be in her late teens or early 20's.

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She has black hair with a section of hair dyed pink and curled together with her normal hair, green eyes, and of Caucasian decent. She wears a studded collar around her neck, a black slouchy "Moonlight Hunters" shirt, a wristband, blue ripped jeans with a chain and her custom mascot, and dark brown combat boots. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.