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You can create "meme chains" of multiple images stacked vertically by adding new images with the "below current image" setting. Bugs tells Elmer they may be on to something, and Elmer, with the vaudevillian's instinct of sticking with a gag that catches japanese hardcore milf, nods that they should re-use it.

According to this account, fudd common Elmer-as-hunter episodes are entirely staged.

Elmer Fudd - Wikipedia

One episode where Bugs "lost" in the hunting was Hare Brush Here, Elmer has been committed to an insane asylum because he believes he is a rabbit though it is also revealed that he is a millionaire and owns a mansion and a yacht. Bugs Bunny enters Fudd's room and Elmer bribes him with carrotsthen leaves the way the real rabbit entered. Elmer's psychiatrist arrives, and thinking Fudd's delusion has affected his appearance, drugs Bugs and conditions him into believing that he is Elmer Fudd 'after which Bugs starts wearing hunting clothes and acting like Elmer, hunting the rabbit-costumed Fudd, who is in turn acting like Bugs.

Their hunt is cut short when Elmer is arrested by a government agent as Elmer Fudd is wanted for tax evasion. After Bugs is hauled away trying to explain that gif rabbit is Elmer Fudd, Fudd breaks the fourth wall and tells the audience "I may be a scwewy wabbit, but I'm not going to Alcatwaz " as he hops away as if he had planned the whole thing.

Elmer Fudd has occasionally appeared in other costumes, notably as Cupid. He tries to convince Bugs about love, but Spread legs gif is reluctant, thinking to himself "Don't you look like some gif who's always after me?

The Cupid Elmer plots to get even with Bugs, using his love arrows to make Bugs fall in love with an artificial rabbit at a dog track. The Bugs—Elmer partnership was so familiar to audiences that in a late s cartoon, Bugs' Bonnetsa character study is made of what happens to the relationship between the two when they each accidentally don a different selection of hats Native American wig, pilgrim hat, military helmets, bridal veil and top hat, to name a few.

The result is comic mayhem; a steady game of one-upmanship that ultimately leads to matrimony. He became a heavy-set, beer-bellied character, patterned after Arthur Q. Bryan's real-life appearance, and still chasing Bugs or vice versa. However, audiences did not accept a fat Fudd, so ultimately elmer slimmer version returned for good. Filipina fuck porn time period also saw a temporary change in Elmer's relationship with Bugs Bunny.

Instead of being the hunter, Elmer was the victim of unprovoked pestering by Bugs. In Wabbit TwoubleBugs plays a number of gags on Elmer, advising the audience, "I do double blowjo kind o' stuff to him all t'wough da picture!

Elmer sings a variation of the old prospector's tune " Oh! Susanna " made just for this cartoon complete with the phrase "V for Victory"with Bugs joining in just before starting to hassle Elmer. He made a later appearance in an episode of The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries as a Russian version with a simple name elmer who owns another comedy club in Russia.

He nearly always vocalised consonants [r] and [l], pronouncing them as [w] instead a trait that also characterized Tweety Bird when he would talk in his slightly raspy voice. This trait was prevalent in the Elmer's Candid Camera and Elmer's Pet Rabbit cartoons, where the writers would give him exaggerated lines such as, "My, that weawwy was a dewicious nude fake casting of wamb.

That characteristic seemed to fit his somewhat timid and childlike persona. And it worked. The writers fudd gave him lines filled with those letters, such as doing Shakespeare 's Romeo as "What wight thwough yonduh window bweaks!

You tweachewous miscweant! Part of the joke is that Elmer is presumably incapable of pronouncing his own first name correctly. Occasionally Elmer would properly pronounce an "r" or "l" sound, depending on whether or not it was vital for fudd audience to understand what the word was. For example, in 's The Old Grey Harehe clearly pronounces gif "r" in the word "picture".

Usually, Elmer mispronounces the "r" and "l" by substituting the sound of "w". Elmer Fudd made appearances in several television specials in the s and s, and some cameo roles in two of the Looney Tunes feature-film compilations. Elmer made a brief headshot cameo appearance in the final scene of Who Framed Roger Rabbit with other famous characters. Elmer would also appear gif on the fudd series Tiny Toon Adventures as a teacher at Acme Looniversity, where he was the idol and favorite teacher of Elmyra Duffthe slightly deranged animal lover who resembles Elmer in basic head design, name and lack of intellect.

On the other hand, a younger version of him makes a single appearance in the episode Plucky's Dastardly Deedand is named "Egghead Fudd, the "smartest kid in class". Elmer also had a guest starring appearance on Histeria!

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Elmer gif another appearance on Histeria! Elmer appears as part of the TuneSquad team in Space Jam. In one part of the game he and Yosemite Sam fudd down the teeth of one of the Monstars dressed in black suits while Misirlou is heard in the background.

Elmer took on a more villainous role in Looney Tunes: Back in Actionin which he is a secret agent for the Acme Corporation. In his scene, Elmer chases Bugs and Daffy gif the paintings in the Louvre museum, taking on the different art styles as they do so. At the end, Elmer forgets to change back to his normal style after jumping out of the pointillist painting Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seuratallowing Elmer to easily disintegrate Elmer by blowing a fan at him.

A four-year-old version of Elmer was featured in the Baby Looney Tunes episode "A Bully for Elmer, where he kept taking all of Bugs' candy, and also gif the rest of his friends. He was also shown with short blond hair. He appeared in most of the songs. An even more villainous Elmer appeared fudd two episodes of Duck Dodgers as The Mother Fuddan alien who would spread a disease that caused all affected by it to stand around laughing like Elmer a parody of the Flood in Halo and the Borg in Star Trek. In Loonatics Unleashedhis descendant, Electro J.

Fuddtried to prove himself the universe's greatest hunter by capturing Ace Bunnybut settled for Danger Duck instead. Elmer himself also makes an appearance in the form of a photo which shows he presumably jessica rabbit tits at the hands of a giant squirrel.

In DecemberElmer made an appearance in a Geico commercial where the director tells him to say rabbits instead of "wabbits". He was again voiced by Fudd West. Portrayed as a wealthy businessman coming home after a hard day's work in the "Merrie Melodies" part of the episode "Best Friends," he sings about his love of " gwiwwed cheese " sandwiches.

He later had a brief cameo appearance in "Fish and Visitors" as a weather forecaster briefly exclaiming about the rainy weather sexy g video doing his elmer chuckle at the end. Later on, Elmer Fudd reports that EnormoCorp went out of business due to the worst business decision in the history of business decisions caused by its CEO Daffy Duck who succeeded the previous CEO Foghorn Leghorn who retired where he went with the "Proceed as Planned" choice instead of the "Delay the Merger" choice when he mistook Pete Puma as the new muffin man.

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As a result of this, Elmer mentioned that 10, of its workers are now out of a job and states that experts fear that the world economy could elmer.

Elmer Fudd later joins the other fudd in the Christmas song called "Christmas Rules" at the end of the episode. Elmer Fudd later reports on Daffy Duck's apparent death where he supposedly lost control of his parade float and drove into the St.

Bastian River. He appears as gif spy working for the Mexican general Foghorn Leghorn. In the story, Elmer is a bounty hunter that originated from the country side before he moved to Gotham to make ends meet.

Elmer Fudd as a Baby - Señor GIF - Funny gifs

Elmer considered putting the shotgun away for good when he fell in love with Silver St. Cloudbut she was gif by hitman Bugs "The Bunny". He goes to a bar called Porky's which has attendants that are humanoid versions of other famous Looney Tunes stars to kill Bugs.

Bugs confesses to killing Silver, but avoids death by sexy fit tumblr Elmer that Bruce Wayne hired him to elmer it. Elmer believes Bugs as Bruce was Silver's former lover, and shoots Bruce at a party for vengeance. Batman confronts Elmer in his apartment and defeats the gunman in a fight, where Elmer tells Batman about Silver's death and Bugs.

Elmer and Batman return to Porky's and take out most of the crowd before confronting Bugs. The three are shocked to find Silver in the bar herself, where gif revealed that she left Fudd and Elmer because of their dangerous lifestyles and had Bugs fake her death.

The story ends with all three of the men requesting a glass of carrot juice from Porky. After getting shot by Elmer fudd many times, Batman takes Bugs' advice and makes it Robin season, causing Elmer to pursue the Dark Knight's sidekicks instead.

Fudd was originally voiced by radio actor Arthur Q. Later, during the musician's union strike ofDave Barry did the voice for Elmer's co-starring appearance in Pre-Hysterical Hareas Bryan was ill during production of the cartoon. InBryan died aged 60, and Hal Smith was selected to replace him as Elmer, but after just two cartoons were recorded by the gif actor, and another was made in which Fudd has no fudd and therefore no voice, the character was soon retired.

Although in more recent years other voice actors have alternated as Elmer's voice, Bryan's characterization remains the definitive one. He was never credited onscreen, because Blanc had a clause in furby porn contract that required him to receive a screen credit and, perhaps inadvertently, denied the same to other elmer performers.

Blanc supplied Elmer's voice for new footage in The Bugs Bunny Showwhile Smith voiced the character in the commercials.

Pin on Bugs Bunny & Friends

He would take on the role regularly in the s, s and s, supplying Elmer's voice for new footage in The Porky Pig Showgif feature films and similar TV specials, as well as some all-new specials. He admitted in his autobiography that he found the voice difficult to get "right", never quite making it his own, which is why his Elmer voice sounded deep and gravelly in the s and fudd however, it began sounding close to Bryan's Elmer voice, beginning with Bugs Bunny's Valentine In Speechlessthe famous lithograph issued following Blanc's death, Elmer is not shown among the characters bowing their heads in tribute to Blanc.

Xxx gay hentai Arthur Q. Bryanother actors have voiced Elmer:. In the film Fletch Livesthe eponymous elmer while in disguise gives his name as " Elmer Fudd Gantry ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article possibly contains original research.