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I edited the post now with the links. Ahhh this chick. Many, many girls at my school do this, but they don't go as far as recording themselves and camacho shit online. I saw one video where she's calling out how men don't get called sluts when they have sex, while girls do, etc. Posted 9 Jan edited. Tbh shes kinda gone under the radar now, she seems snapchat be fixing herself up now and I commend her for that. You need ericka be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Search for:. As normal — the internet has taken it into their hands for memes and jokes. Ericka shoved a snake up her pussy. She claimed she was hacked and she didn't release it but was blackmailed. Here is her response Her snapchat is Erickacamacho2k.

Because of her age and the nature of the video we can't release it. I agree, it's very tragic. I hope she gets help, when she was talking about quitting meth to get a horse it seemed helpful but then caitlin thompson nude went and did lines of coke the next day.

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JPG girl stop. Sage for speculation and because too lazy to search other threads. Hooked up with her for new year's at a rave. She can definitely ride a dick. Also, she is She was born in Makes 18 in June.