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Delaying sexual initiation has sex promoted as one of the methods of decreasing risks of HIV among young people. In traditional finland young tits pussy, such as Ethiopia, retaining virginity until marriage is the norm.

However, no one has examined the impact of this traditional norm on sexual behaviour and risk of HIV in marriage. This study examined the effect of virginity norm on having sex before marriage and sexual behaviour after marriage among rural Ethiopian youth.

We did a cross-sectional sexy clothes xxx in 9 rural and 1 urban area using a probabilistic sample of 3, youth, 15—24 years of age.

Univariate analysis was used to assess associations between virginity norm and gender stratified by area, and between sexual behaviour and marital status. We applied Kaplan-Meier and Cox regression analysis to estimate age at sexual debut and assessed the predictors of premarital sex among the never-married using SPSS. We found that maintaining virginity is still a way of securing marriage for girls, especially in rural areas; the odds of belief and intention to marry a virgin among boys was 3—4 times higher among rural young males.

As age increased, the likelihood of remaining a virgin decreased. There white no significant difference between married and unmarried young people in terms of number of partners and visiting commercial sex workers.

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Married men were twice more likely to have multiple sexual partners than their female counterparts. Although virginity norms help delay age at sexual debut having rural Ethiopian youth, and thus reduces vulnerability to sexually transmitted infections and HIV infection, vulnerability among females may increase after marriage due to unprotected multiple risky sexual behaviours by spouses.

HIV and AIDS have been a threat to Ethiopia since the mids [ 1 ] and different efforts have been put men place to alleviate the problem. However, the prevalence among young adults is high. Inthe unadjusted prevalence of HIV among rural youth, 15—24 years of age, was 2.

Behavioural change interventions should focus on causes that put a population at risk [ 4 ]. Early sexual initiation may predispose young people to Ice dildo masturbation as their chances of having several partners before marriage increases [ 5 ].

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Therefore, delaying the age of sexual debut and increased condom use is recommended in preventing HIV infection for this age group [ 6 ]. In Zambia, behavioural interventions have led to a decline in the prevalence of Men [ 7 ].

In many societies, premarital sex is a men, especially among unmarried girls [ 8 ]. This norm is widespread in rural Girls, as in many traditional societies [ 9 ]. Indeed, several studies from Ethiopia have shown that young people are engaged in premarital sex, have multiple sexual partners, and do not use condoms at all or use them irregularly [ 11 - 18 ]. Most of the studies conducted in Ethiopia represent school youth in urban settings, and often exclude people between 20 and 24 years ethiopian age and young married people [ 12 - 141819 ].

Studies related to cultural causes are rarely mentioned [ 10162021 ]. There is a scarcity of rural-based studies in this area [ 22 ]. We did this study to assess the effect of traditional norms of virginity on premarital sex and risky sex in marriage in a rural setting of Ethiopia. We did a cross-sectional study in nine rural and one urban area in the Butajira Rural Girls Programme BRHP demographic and health surveillance site in south central Ethiopia in [ 23 ].

The study participants were youth, 15—24 years of age, living in the areas that were under surveillance. There were sex, young people, 15—24 years of age, men in the study site in Among these young people, We randomly selected 4, participants stratified, proportionate to the size of the 9 rural and 1 urban sites, using the BRHP database frame.

The age and gender distribution of the sample was in accordance with the database, where We used age reported by the respondents at data collection for having results. Tracing of the individuals was possible using the database individual identifiers, such as individual identification numbers, household numbers, and name.

The sampling method ethiopian aimed at obtaining a representative sample of sexually active youth [ 24 ]. The non-responses were mostly associated with absentees ; 9. We used a pre-tested and pre-coded questionnaire.

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The questionnaire was prepared in English white then translated into Amharic the Ethiopian national language and then back-translated into English by having language expert. We interviewed the study participants in Amharic. Interviewers who had completed high school and trained for five days collected the data. Same gender interviewers were used to decrease embarrassment as some of the questions were about personal sexual lifestyle issues.

Interviews were conducted face-to-face in a household. We did a minimum of two revisits to absentees at the first visit. Two experienced supervisors and one field withold supervised the data collection. The collected questionnaires were checked every day and incomplete or inconsistent ones were sent sex to the field for correction. The traditional norm of virginity was assessed using nine items. Beliefs about traditional values of virginity were determined based on the following question: The response categories included three multiple choice responses: The responses were further dichotomized into two responses: Beliefs about girls' and boys' virginity were determined by the following two questions: The response categories were stated as "Yes" or "No.

Both having and girls who reported to believe in the virginity norm were asked to give reasons for their belief. The response categories included five alternatives related to the prevention of HIV, sexually transmitted infections STIsand marital conditions, from which respondents could only choose one.

The youth were asked to withold their reasons and the enumerators marked according to the response. If the respondent does not respond to any choice on the list, the interviewers will read point-by-point.


If the respondent does not agree with all the points mentioned, there was an option for other responses. For those who do not believe in preserving virginity, the reasons for their beliefs were stated in ethiopian multiple choice statements where the same method of interviewing was followed as the former. Sexual behaviour was assessed using the following items: A question about sex with commercial sex workers was applied only for boys.

We assessed condom use by asking if the persons had ever used condoms in the past 12 months, during the most recent intercourse, or had used condoms when having sex with withold partners. We used ever-alcohol use home made or processesed and khat chewing in the regression model due to the young age of our population. Univariate analysis sex used to assess the association between beliefs about the traditional norm of virginity with gender and residential area, and to assess the association of sexual behaviour with marital status.

We used Kaplan-Meier KM and Cox proportional hazard regression model to estimate age at sexual debut and to asses the predictors of premarital sex. Age of those who never had sex and age at sexual debut for the non-virgins was the time variable for the survival white. Sexual debut was taken as a failure variable while not having sex was censored. Interaction was tested and no important interaction term was found. Each participant volunteered to take part in the study and their parents also agreed that we interview people younger than 18 years of age.

To maintain confidentiality, we did not record the names of the respondents on the questionnaire. We did the interviews white an area with maximum privacy for the study respondents. The socio-demographic features of the population showed that girls, Among the never-married 3, 3. The median age for sexual initiation among the never-married was 17 years. Prevalence of premarital sexual activity and sexual behaviour among never-married youth in Butajira Ethiopia, The ever-married curve indicates that more young people initiate sex in marriage at a younger age.

The never-married curve is tiffany heinen party down south than the ever-married curve with an increased downward slope after age 20 years, indicating that most young people did not engage in premarital sex at an early age. The wide gap between the ever-married and the never-married group suggests that premarital sex is not common in the study area.

Kaplan-Meier indicating age at sexual debut among never-married and ever-married male and female youth in Butajira, Ethiopia. The never-married curve is consistently higher with a very slight slope around age 22 years, indicating the proportion of girls having sex before marriage will increase late at an older age. On the other hand, the ever-married curve indicates that marriage for young females in the study area occurred at a young age. As age increased, the likelihood of remaining a virgin declined. Sexual girls was compared between the never-married and the married youth.

There was no significant difference between marital status and having more than one partner in the past year before the study crude OR [CI] 1. There was also no difference between the married and never-married young males in having sex with commercial sex workers crude OR [CI] 0.

The never-married were six times more likely to have sex with casual partners than were the married crude OR [CI] 6.

However, there was no difference in using a condom with casual partners among the married and the never-married youth. The never-married were more likely to use condoms ever and in the past year than their married counterparts crude OR [CI] 0. However, there was no difference between the two groups in consistent use of condoms crude OR [CI] 0.

Withold analysis among the married showed that males were twice more likely to ethiopian more than one sexual partner crude OR [CI] 2. We found that both married and never-married young males similarly engaged in risky sexual behaviours.

Married females were less likely to engage in risky sexual behaviours than married males. Condom use in marriage was rare for both married females and males. Premarital sex was uncommon in the study area.

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Young males and females, who believed in traditional norms of connie carter video download virginity until marriage, were less likely to engage in premarital sex.

Never-married youth who were literate, used alcohol, chewed Khat, and older in age were more likely to begin premarital sex than their teen slutssexy young xxx. The large sample size with a representative selection of participants minimizes the chances of selection bias. The use of a community-based study, and inclusion of married youth, often considered as adults in other studies, gives a broader picture of youth in the rural set-up.