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After visiting the mountains of northern Ethiopia, and the amazing subterranean rock-cut churches of Lalibela, I wanted to travel to the south and meet African tribes.

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In a Land Cruiser with an Ethiopian driver, I left behind me the 2,meter Addis Ababa, and headed towards the savannah, the teen age robot anal sex animated gif was scattered with nude huts and populated by naked people with Kalashnikovs over their shoulders! The young Karo who had just opened the car door followed me timidly into the jungle.

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I took the path along the Omo River, hemmed by dense maize foliage, when suddenly we found ourselves facing a lovely scene: They rubbed seeds of millet on the stones. Hanging women their necks were endless rows of beads, animal bones and teeth, and each had a nail passing through her lower lip.

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Ethiopian waved me over to sit down with them. Charmed, I stayed silent to observe them preparing food, while their children, naked, were playing casually at a short distance. The sun sunk over the horizon. Its purple color dyed the brown and loamy Omo River. For the last fifteen hundred years, the Karo have lived here, on its banks.

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Warlike breeders of cattle and goats, they were never enslaved, but their culture is too fragile to withstand external influences. The article about Karo tribe it was published at Marie Claire. Leave this field empty.

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