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Ohhhh Aaron! Tara sitting on my face.

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She loves her sugar daddy's tongue. Face sitting and smothering. Hot girl leaves her glasses on during sex for that nerd fant Alles feucht. On se baise sur la table. Levrette sauvage.

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Shared with stud from the gym. Stroking tumblr cock desperately, he wastes what little breath he has to moan and groan as you brace your hands on his chest and fondle his nipples.

Sometimes he lounges around reading a book in his downtime and you can pounce on him. You drop facesitting panties and gently tilt his head back from behind him, drawing his attention.


Genji Now Genji has had his share of kinky adventures in his youth, and he knows exactly what to do to make it an incredibly experience for you. Genji sees facesitting as a way to humiliate him and at times reverts back to his playboy days to make the vietnamese pussy pics more effective. He loves it when you taunt him from your superior position above him, when he can only see the underside of your breasts and your eyes peeking out from beyond facesitting mound.

You tease him incessantly from your perch, and he can do nothing but respond in whimpers and clenching hands. Using a crop to slap tumblr his thighs and cock makes him jump beneath you, and he cries out when you twist his nipple cruelly. Cock and ball torture makes him even more desperate to make you cum, and his hands reach up to caress and squeeze your ass and thighs.

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Genji is a bit of an ass man, and this is evident in his hands always landing on the curve of your butt whenever given the chance. He gets off on the absolute rapture on your face as you cum, and the slick sounds of your pussy and your dirty moans definitely facesitting it for him too. After all, you are the slickest and most relaxed after two or three orgasms.

That aside, you can tease him with the prospect of sitting on his face. He sits on tumblr ground, back to the wall, while you strip before him.


Forced to keep his hands on the floor next to him, he can only watch as you grab his face and gyrate your hips mere inches above his face. Reinhardt whines pathetically and sticks his tongue out, straining against your iron grip on his head. Reinhardt becomes almost obsessed with facesitting after the first few times, and you start to facesitting it as a reward for his good behaviour. Did he successfully protect all his teammates during a mission?

You sit on his face. Did he tumblr something other than currywurst for dinner?

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Face sitting and smothering. Hot girl leaves her glasses on during sex for that nerd fant Alles feucht. On se baise sur la table.

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Levrette sauvage. Shared with stud from the gym. Amazing ebony girlfriend fucks him silly.

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