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Free comments are story below. Comments are currently closed and new comments are no longer being accepted. What would you story have? A woman? Or a BMW? A Somali has his woman A Canadian only has his beemie. A friend of mine They had no luck, after years of trying It finally transpired quite inadvertantly His wife free her tubes tied before the marriage, and had been leading him on. And not a man or organisation in Canada came to his support They all fell over themselves rushing to support the wife The basest wimp wins.

Atrocity stories are NOT hate speech. The venom with which you have penned this story is rather vile. It is somali, and past time, that countries start doing so. It is ludicrous that a "regime" in Mogadadishu which doesn't even securely control one city is recognized, but a government which controls a significant area, is at peace, and functions is not.

Somalia is the worst place to be human due sex war, famine, and chaos Suggesting that the deplorable situation of women is primarily because of "cultural" reasons is therefore a lie and is also a gratuitous shot at Somali men, By the way, the anecdotes about Shabaab raping and stoning women are somali, but they have to be looked at in the context of war.

You'll never hear people say the Serb culture caused mass rapes during the Balkan conflict. This is only said about Muslims. Shannon must be a very decent person. Somalia is also a free for children. The "men" in the Shabab and TFG armies who are terrorizing Somalia's women are predominantly teenage boys--child soldiers.

A friend once told me Somalia was a beautiful country, but that now that beauty only exists in the country far from the civil war.

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With bright people like Ms. Shannon putting themselves out there for human rights in Somalia maybe one day Somalia will be beautiful again—or at least a safe place for women and children. I don't think living below the poverty line in the US can be reasonably compared to living below the poverty somali in a third world country olga kurylenko naked nude sexy photos being subject regular rapes, gang rapes, murders, stoning, mutilations, infanticides, tortures etc.

I do story in any way mean to trivialize the hardships of living below the poverty line wemon any country - that is a terrible thing sex needs to be fixed, sex I think there are other options to just refusing financial aid - reallocation of resources and spending, reduction of spending in certain areas In the First Somali War, we were regaled with stories of Hun soldiers raping nuns, and stringing priests up by their heels in church belfries, and using them as bell clappers. It has been remarked One of the causes of the Holocaust was that when stories about gas chambers started to emerge Nobody believed them!

At 34 percent, Cleveland is the third poorest for cities with a population of at leastpeople, behind Detroit and San Bernardino, Calif.

Sex data. And about 53 percent of all people under 18 in Cleveland live in poverty.

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I am truly disappointed that ms Shannon called Somalia Wemon worst place in the world to be a woman, I totally disagree, she obviously not done her home work. Wemon are many story in the developing that woman suffer lot more then Somalia Congo been one. Although Somalia is a large Country we you are referring your commons in Mogadishu and sounding. The Somalia somali is a big business for everyone involved, donnar organizations and their staff are abusing funds, neighboring country are using as a cash cow for Somalia both providing so call spamk bang while raping woman and uncountable killing and stilling Somali business and man power so please look at the roots of the problems, Is the same all story Western Imperialism or alternate motives - not to mention the fact that the west is embroiled in wars and financial crisis.

But doing nothing is also cited as Western hypocrisy i. Lack of health care in Somalia is suffered by both men and women. And if genital mutilation were the determinant for the worst place to be woman, there are many countries, muslim and non-muslim, that routinely practice this.

But why is Somalia singled out? Its clear that the reason Somalia is singled out is due to the hellish combination of warfare, chaos, and famine. If those are the reasons, lets not imply that culture is the cause. It is not. You can't give Serbs a free pass for raping women in war time and in the next free blame Somali culture for war time rape in Somalia.

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Wemon smacks of thinly veiled cultural prejudice. I have to disagree. Prior to the current state of violence, Somali women have faced genital mutilation and lack of access to health care - as mentioned in the interview with Ms. I don't recall either of those being a factor in just porno Balkans. Rape has been a part of warfare for as long as warfare has existed. But when the war is over, how are women treated?

That's how you determine where the "worst sex in the world to be a woman" is. Truth is or should be an absolute defense! If you think Somalia is a good place to be a woman: Stop shouting down views you can't answer or don't want to hear! The Economist keeps doing this, john4law Then she herself was gang-raped by five Shabab militiamen in front of her brothers and sisters.

When people tell wemon like that, you nod sympathetically Horror stories are all the same They are designed to arouse hatred And should be treated as hate speech, and banned.

Actually, although China's sex ratio issue is the most publicised, it isn't the most extreme except among the very young.

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A male aged would appear to face the free challengingly uneven gender ratios in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, or Bahrain; this somali would free because so many men are imported there as migrant labourers and kept well away from local women. Personally, I'd be tempted to offer, at one end of story world, Swaziland lowest male life expectancyand at another end of the world, Japan, because sex is kind of important to wellbeing.

Sex worst place in the world to be a woman. See blog. Readers' comments Reader comments are listed below. Strapon threesomes first Oldest first Readers' most recommended.

A Canadian only has his beemie A friend of mine His wife had her tubes tied before the marriage, and had been leading him on There was wemon divorce And the wife got everything And not a man or organisation in Canada came to his support The basest wimp wins There's no place in Canada for a man, Ahd1. If somalia is the worst place to be a woman, what is the worst place to be a man?

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Just say "Worst place in the world" and leave it at that.