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What is Momo? Your guide to the horrifying answer to Slenderman

Pussy wants sex! Follow Mitchell Sunderland on Twitter. This story is over 5 years old. Just take a look at Rick and Morty and Aquaman — who can take these pics seriously? Why beat around the bush?

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But remember, this gif is pretty bad for flirting. Momo is arguably the new Slenderman, though its history is even knottier. A reddit user posted the above image — a woman with enormous eyes and a giant, beak-like mouth — on the website. It was shared by another, fuck another, until the photo eventually went viral. The image was originally created by the Japanese artist Gif Hayashi, who has nothing to do with its terrifying reputation.

Similarly, artist Eric Knudsen created Slenderman for a bit of fun, brunette hentai has since widely distanced himself from the murderous implications of the meme. But sksksksk didn't start with VSCO girls. Like most slang, their favorite phrase originated in the black community, although it has since been co-opted by other groups as well. Before VSCO girls were even a thing, sksksksk was also associated with the "stan community. A stan is someone who devotedly, purely, unironically loves something.

There's surely overlap between VSCO girls and stan culture, being that teen girls populate both groups.