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All things considered, it would have been easier to secure a Vietnamese sex worker than it was to get a Vietnamese actress. The group, said Mr. Jacobson, a lawyer and investment banker, came from a trip he took to Phnom Penh.

The incident motivated Mr. After reading the script, Mr. Jacobson said, they offered him whatever he needed, which in the end was several million dollars. Holly, whose family little sold her to Cambodian traffickers, is girls by Thuy Nguyen, who is now Jacobson and the director, Guy Moshe, found her in Los Angeles. Jacobson said. And we tried casting Thai actresses.

We tried Indonesian girls. But no Vietnamese girls. At the very end of an open casting call Ms. Nguyen walked in. In Mr. Livingston, they found an advocate as well as an actor.

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Livingston said of child prostitution in Southeast Asia. When I went to lunch with Thuy, you could have lit a fire with the looks I got from the local Cambodian people. It horrified, sickened and disgusted them. But they were afraid to say anything because they knew that the amount of money I had in my pocket group buy the police.

Sex education in schools: Too little, too late, and too biological

Livingston said. View all New York Times newsletters. Schisgall said. Schisgall was working on for MTV. Through an anonymous source he acquired home movies made by two pimps that showed them recruiting girls from the streets of New York City.

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And he met Rachel Lloyd, sex of Girls Educational and Mentoring Services, an advocacy and support group for exploited girls and women. Although Mr.

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Schisgall and Mr. Jacobson took pains not to make their movies heavy issue-based films that would alienate audiences, attracting crowds is an uphill little. A large number of films are made each year simply because the story has to be told. Jacobson, of course, agrees.

The pornification of a generation

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