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As such, there is the need for proper respect gifs teens school xxx the Eucharist. This respect for the Eucharist means observing the rule that we must fast from food and beverages for one hour before receiving Holy Communion, including abstaining from chewing gum.

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It is permissible to drink water, and a small amount of food is permissible if needed to take with medicine. Respect for the Eucharist also means arriving for Mass on time and not leaving early. Respect for the Eucharist means observing silence or very quiet conversation both before and after Mass as a courtesy to others who are praying in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Respect for holy Eucharist means that those who are physically able should genuflect reverently when entering and leaving a pew when they arrive for Mass and leave from Talking on the phone while being fucked in a church in which the Blessed Sacrament is kept.

If unable to genuflect, a deep bow is an appropriate sign of respect. Respect for the Eucharist means that we should not receive Holy Communion if we are aware of being in a state of serious sin see 1 Corinthians Such persons should go to Confession, or in the case of cohabitation or a marriage outside of the Church, should see a priest about having their situation corrected so that they may worthily receive the Sacraments of the Church.

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Respect for the Eucharist is also reflected in how we receive the Eucharist. When approaching to receive the Most Holy Eucharist, we are to make a sign of reverence by making a bow before we step forward to receive.

If receiving the Host in the hand, please place one hand over the other with palms facing up. Your dominant hand should be underneath your non-dominant hand, so if you are right- handed, your right hand should be underneath your left hand so holy the minister may place body Host in your left hand and then you use your right hand to pick up the Host and place the Host immediately in your body.

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Please do not walk away without first placing the Host in your mouth and consuming it. If consuming the Precious Blood, use great care in the exchange of the chalice between yourself and the minister. Stephen Schultz, Pastor.