How to say shut the fuck up in german

The more impolite ones are frequently followed by an interjection like ey, Mann, Alter or - for the really aggressive ones - an expletive du Wichser, shut Hurensohn. dictionary :: Shut the fuck up :: English-German translation

Du bist jetzt still! Doubly insulting. Mund zu, es zieht! Halt die Schnauze! Halt die Fresse!

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I speak Japanese at a near-native level and coach people in English. Also sometimes as "Halt dein' Mund!

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This is NOT polite at all. Here's a great and really rude one: The for a polite way: Doubly insulting….

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No books. No chance of failure. There are many ways …. Sign In. How do you say shut up in German? Update Cancel. German Forge the must-play city building game this year?

How to say Shut up in German – a complete lesson

Build, battle, and barter through the ages of history to develop an empire in this award-winning game. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Say Wiki. With increasing amount of rudeness: Halt den Mund.

Halt die Klappe. Halt den Rand. Halt die Schnauze.

STFU : Shut the fuck up! - German translation - English-German dictionary

Halt dein Maul. Halt dein dreckiges Maul. Halt doch mal dein Naked girl on a bicycle, eh! Boah, halt doch die Fresse, Alter! Junge, halt doch dein Maul! End cloud security anxiety. Uncover the top 10 AWS security risks in this free e-book.

How do you say this in German? "Shut the fuck up " | HiNative

How do you say "just happened" in German? Originally Answered: How do you say fuck Up" in German? From rude to RUDE!: What is the best way to practice speaking English?

Updated Aug 9, Oh, also have heard "Halt den Maul! How do you say "You Are Gorgeous" in German? How do you how "What's Up" in German? How do you say fuch in German? Answered Aug 30, Halt dai Gosch! Just to add to this…. Answered Feb 26, There are a few ways to say this: How do you say "I" in German? How do you say "Them" in German? How do you say "Everything" in German? How do you say "Everyone" in German? How do you say "Yours" in German? How do you say best regards in German?

Do Germans speak correct German?

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