How to spice up masturbation

When it comes to masturbation, there can be just as much play involved as there is when it comes to sex with a partner, so you should never be afraid to experiment — after all, masturbation has so many health benefits.

So it's time to get in the solo sex mood, and that all starts with your mind. To get that big sexy brain on board, start exploring your fantasies and finding new mental triggers that can fuel your self-love sessions. So, in the spirit of National Masturbation Month though you can — and totally should — celebrate solo sexygirl video year-roundit's time for 28 ways to up your masturbation game.

That's right, I know, it seems like a lot. But how is your pleasure I'm talking about it — it's all worth it. So why not spend some time trying them all? Click Here To Buy. If you're anything like me, masturbation is an ''as long as it takes and no longer" situation. Instead, take your time with it. Set the mood, naomi ass porn gif, and work your way up to it.

Madeleine Castellanos, who practices sex therapy in New York, tells Bustle. Many of us need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, but it doesn't have to be just that.

6 Expert-Approved Masturbation Techniques to Spice Things UpWith Yourself | Glamour

While you play with your clit, use a toy or your fingers to stimulate your G-spot and go for a blended orgasm aka a clitoral and vaginal orgasm at the same time. Even if you don't get the double whammy, masturbation still enjoy the ride.

And if you already use it, try something different, like a warming lubricant to add a new sensation into the mix. Jesstells Bustle. It can be a serious game-changer. If full-blown vibrators aren't your thing, a little fingertip vibrator is less intimidating and easier to play with. Simply put it on the tip of your finger and all of your touches will have a whole new intensity.

Edging is a great masturbation technique if you want to play around and don't know where to start. The delayed gratification will be so worth it — if you can last. We get into masturbation habits — and we need to break out of them. If you always go for your clit or another sensitive spot, try to mix it up. Feel around other parts of the vulva and see what new areas of fun you can find.

Hey, it's spice sensitive zone too. And if you haven't tried it, there's a how lot of possibility. Start by feeling the area around the outside and go from there. Masturbation is a solo activity but you don't have to be alone. Mutual masturbation is an amazing way to see what your partner is into, by watching them do it to themselves.

Oh, and it's a huge turn on. Click Here To Subscribe. A site totally dedicated to female pleasure? Sign me up. This site shows you all sorts of masturbation techniques that you can even practice on your touch screen.

Yup, you read that right. Come on, you deserve it. Whether you use a waterproof toy, your hand, or even the shower head — there are so many ways to make your masturbation water-friendly. And going into the bath just adds a layer of luxury to your masturbation session. Once you pop, the fun don't stop.

Multiple orgasms is one of the amazing bonuses of being a woman — why not go for it? Even if you don't get there, you'll have fun trying. If spice don't like basic vibrators or dildos, don't fret.

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For those of you who love oral sex, there are plenty of sex toys that simulate oral sex. Different than lube, orgasm enhancing gels are all about stimulation. Talk about that tingle. Instead of going right to porn or whatever's in your typical masturbation routinetry letting small foreign teen pussy imagination run wild.

You may discover some fantasies that you never know you had. And those can come in handy. Breathing not only focuses and relaxes you, it how increase oxygen levels to the bloodgiving us an energy boost.

Plus, it helps you get in the moment and feel more mindful. Breathe in, breathe out. Mix up your routine by fitting in a masturbation session masturbation soon as you wake up female legs whore reality buissness as usual or use it to break up your day.

It will feel extra indulgent at a time you wouldn't normally masturbate. Most of us have a go-to masturbation position. Spice is fetal, but we don't need to look into that.

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Whatever you tend to go for, mix it up. Get on all fours, try your other side, lay on your stomach — it's a whole new experience. As Dr. Morse said, a lot of the orgasm comes from your mind. Check out some erotica to appeal to your upstairs and your downstairs.

You know that spot that gets you off? Don't go right for that. Trying going for the area around that, in a technique known as layering.

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It may take a little longer, but there will be payoff. If traditional porn isn't your thing, don't worry. More and more people are moving to Tumblr for their porn needs.

I didn't know how it worked, either, but with a little exploring you can find anything on there. Seriously, it's a goldmine. Play it in the background and then let it be masturbation soundtrack for whatever fantasy you like. Teasing is fun with a partner — so why not try it with yourself?

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Start masturbating, but before you get too worked up, stop. Then go about your day for a bit and come back to it. It'll help keep that sexual energy up all day long and make the orgasm more intense when it comes.