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Trina may have the most iconic introduction to rap of all time. Of those releases, the one trina receive the most acclaim since her debut is Still Da Baddest, which rapper 10 this month. With Still Da Baddest, Trina strengthened the legacy she had cemented in hip-hop culture but with brash, unselfconscious lyrics that were straightforward about sex and paid no mind to the male gaze. Like, do all these women talk like me?

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Remy Ma and Lil Kim were facing legal trouble at the time, rendering them ineligible. Still Da Baddest peaked at No.

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There was a market excluding the wants and needs of women. Still Da Baddest picked up where Da Baddest Bitch left off, rightfully earning its parental advisory sticker. Before she exits, she clowns her partner for what she feels was a subpar experience.

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Trina was the template for the sex positivity that permeates not only rap fucked, but pop culture today. But never forget Trina did it first.

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She was once the baddest, and even still the baddest, but most importantly, always the baddest. Kristin Corry is a staff writer at Noisey. Follow her on Twitter. Mar 305:

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