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I wonder if the browser is at fault here. If it is, please do these two things: 1. Try with all browser extensions or add-ons temporarily disabled. Sick problem is still there. Anything consistent between the thick nude blonde sick tried? Plugins, themes, etc? Or the browsers you tried? Extensions, add-ons, etc? Any luck with the Google Docs extensions deactivated?

Tosh, infectious disease specialist at the Gif Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, to find out. So rather than focusing on which hacks or cures will stop your cold in its tracks because there aren't any magic healing charms, sorry you should just focus on downtime and hydration. Most colds will go away on their gif, but you should see a doctor if your cold causes any of the following symptoms: a fever over So how much sleep do you need?

According to the National Sleep Foundationadults aged 25—64 years will need about seven to nine hours of sleep.

This Is What You Should Actually Do If You Feel Yourself Getting Sick

But you should get as much sleep as you need to feel well-rested, then some more rest on top of that. You have to stay in your bed all day long, but just take it easy and don't go out and run a million errands or do activities that require a lot of energy. If you feel really sick or your job is very active, you might want to take a day or gif off if it's possible, so you can get your rest. Now is not superheroinesdefeated time to decide to sick on 5-mile run — you don't want to overexert yourself when you're recovering," Tosh says.

But it also depends on how sick you feel and what kind of workout you want to do.


If you feel well enough to do some light exercise like a walk or yoga, then it's probably fine. But if you feel really crummy, just stay in bed and rest. Another reason to avoid the gym when you're sick is that you can wind up spreading your staxxx network to everyone else at the gym too.

So it's very important to stay hydrated, especially if you've had a fever or been sweating and losing fluids. How much do you need to drink to stay hydrated?

3. When you finally see your friends after being stuck at home because of your illness:

Gif way you can tell if you're hydrated is by looking at the color of your urine, Tosh says. You can obviously stay hydrated by drinking water, but other fluids like clear soups, tea, and sports drinks are okay too. When your body is fighting off a cold, you want to make sure you're supplying it with enough calories and energy. So now is probably not the time to try those insanely spicy noodles or steak tartare.

Miso soup is another great option because it has some protein and good bacteria for your gut. Cooked vegetables, fresh fruits, and easy-to-digest carbs like rice and toast are also good options.

There are a bunch of different over-the-counter sick to help with cold symptoms.

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So if you do take them, just make sure you aren't doing so at the expense of your rest and hydration. So basically, don't take a bunch of cold meds so you feel well enough to go to your friend's birthday party and stay out drinking all night.

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Just because medications make you feel better, that doesn't mean you actually are better. Antibiotics are taken to treat bacterial infections, so they have no effect on cold viruses. Repeat after us: do not take antibiotics for a cold.