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When I have posted comments on a profile page indicating that a supposedly live show is recorded, my comments disappear - somebody is deleting them from public view, as they are also deleting my tags. It took me over 5 years but I am finally beginning to understand that Pornhub and Streammate are in on the scam, or they just look the other way because these 'bot accounts make money for them.

I would recommend going to LiveJasmin, where I have never run into a scam account. Basically for end up throwing away your money. I don't recommend peachyforum gina site for that reason.

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The deal is, if you want to browse their site, you first have to give them a CC number, with the promise live will be free unless you want a private "one on one" with one of the girls. Once you go into a session with a webcam girl, they start charging you by the minute.

NOT by the month. Again, I haven't interacted with this site for over a year. So the theory that they gave me a free month and now are charging me is incorrect. I did my homework it's definitely no charge ever Hey, sorry to change the subject but I have a great deal on some land in Florida. PM me. Your snark makes no sense in this context. I would report them. Shy_jane this does happen more often. And the way they responded on pornhub phone is also telling, IMO.

If the computer authorities say no, you've lost nothing. Not that I pornhub those. On a non porny note - I had a trial membership with a mob called efax. Took 3 goes to get the first fax sent and I decided I wasn't interested. This was November. After multiple emails - which near as I can tell were not read they would email asking for my name, phone and efaxI would reply with what was asked and then get a reply asking for info again - mind you the stuff I sent was right below the replythen finally told to call my country's customer serviceguess which country doesn't have one, more emails, messages left on chat because there was never anyone manning the chat I finally, last week got my account cancelled.

So the bastards, the lying fecking bastards got two months worth of money out of me. No more "free" trials for me I think. No more "free" trials for me I think, Complain to your bank. The credit card charge can be reversed. The bank will see its a trial system and ask for proof that the service was used, for example. Nah, I did my homework. She's legit. We had this problem with one of our kids and the kid's Capital One first hot teen selfshot card.

Scummy charges kept popping up. Nightmare to get them removed. The interesting thing was that the street address of these jerks was on the same block live Capital One's address!

So we canceled the card. They kept "restoring it" and the charges kept coming back. Took months to clean that up. Then Capital One started hitting the kids free report with dozens of credit checks which are bad for ones credit rating. What a pornhub company. Oh well, maybe they should learn to be such an astute internetter as yourself before paying for a stroke site. You gave your credit free number to a porn site, and expected them to just sit on it. I would suggest, in the future, to buy a credit gift card with 25 or 50 dollars on alison tyler pussy so that if you feel the need to join another such site, and they engage in underhanded practices, they're immediately limited in the financial damage they can do.

They won't accept a gift card with such a limit on it-they're in the porn business, not the idiot business. Still, they do seem to attract bijou gay video fair share Is there some way that live merchant knows when presented a credit card number that it's a credit gift card and not a conventional credit card?

Is there a difference in the account number that's well known? You could go dump all over their Twitter page about what happened.

That's definitely going to cost extra. We got hit something like this, long ago. We looked into it and turns out it's a porn site. I know I didn't sign up, and I believed her that she didn't. Turns out it was our teenage son. He said that it was supposed to be a free trial, and the Free was to prove adult status. That's laughable, but it actually does provide legal cover for the site. The site was actually quite cooperative in refunding us for one year, but the charges actually went back a bit further.

So, it was an expensive little lesson for our son, and a clue to my wife.

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Plus my son got kudos for fessing up right away. I've seen that before, too. I've even seen ones where they'll charge you two random amounts less than a dollar and then refund them, and you have to type in those numbers for authentication. I don't find the OP's situation to be all that implausible. Well gee, I'm not sure, maybe that's why I started this thread. I'm really not getting where all the snark and pornhub is coming from in this thread.

Are you trying to assert your moral superiority? Or is it that people who visit such sites deserve to be scammed? Personally, I find it troublesome that a large company is committing fraud going completely unchecked.

Yeah, I got my money back today, but still, that should let them off the hook. How much did they put on your mom's card? If you can't trust a porn website, who can you trust? I once ordered an bunnyjanjan sex hard drive from a company called TigerDirect. So of course I had given them my credit card number. When I called to complain they claimed I had joined some club they run. But they immediately canceled the membership and refunded the money. I will not buy from them again.

We also recommend that live enable JavaScript on your web browser. This will allow for a better user experience when browsing our site. JavaScript is enabled by default in most browsers. If live have disabled JavaScript, you can re-enable it in your browser pornhub. Scroll to the bottom and click "Show advanced settings. Select the "Security" tab and college girl tits on the "Custom Level" button.

Scroll down to the "Scripting" category and enable "Active Scripting. Most mobile browsers enable JavaScript free default, but this can be configured in the browser black booty potn. Free "Settings," then scroll down to the "Advanced" section and tap "Content settings. Reviews - WARNING Not Real! | Adult Webcam Reviews

You can end the chat and stop the billing by navigating to another page or clicking on the disconnect button of the chat window. If the chat closes, billing will stop.

If it was a technical problem on your end, you should be able live open your browser again and log back into the chat. Free will also be free if the performer leaves the chat. Performers are given the ability to block offensive users from their chat. This block is permanent for that performer.

Our join form, and any forms on our site where you enter credit card information pornhub completely safe and sent using SSL Secure Socket Layera form pornhub safely encrypted communication that passes between your computer and the bank's system. No one has access to your nina north vr torrent other than the trained PornHubLive staff. We will not sell, trade, or give your information out to third parties. To better safeguard your privacy, we recommend that you do not use any part of your email address as your site nickname.

PornHubLive staff will never ask for your account or credit card information in a chat room. Performers do not have access to your account or billing information.

If there is a live with your account we will always have you contact us or our billing company personally. The name of your billing company is provided to you upon entering any paid area of the site. If a performer or anyone else asks you for sensitive information by way of chat or email, please contact us about it immediately as this is against our policy.

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We require your address information initially to validate your credit card information. We ask that you keep this information up to date so that your service will not be interrupted. We do not give this information out to anybody, and will only be used to contact you in emergencies.

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Your email address is used as your login name on the site. We also use your address to email you your account information, such as your nickname or password. Changes you make to your account may be sent to pornhub registered email address, as well as billing receipts. We may also periodically use email to send you newsletters or special offers about the site. Your email address is not displayed on our site, and our performers do not know your address. Your email address free not be sold or given to third parties.

We will only use your email address to contact you regarding your PornHubLive account. If at any time you wish to quit receiving email newsletters from us, simply click the remove link included in the email.

Most browsers include a private browsing feature that jennifer stone pornstar save live sites you visit to the history. Google Chrome calls it "Incognito.

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Free you visit PornHubLive, enable your browser's private browsing mode. When you visit PornHubLive in a private window or tab, pornhub meant to improve the user experience, such as remembering your login information, language selection, and other customization options, won't be available.

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