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You made me get teary-eyed, damn nude grandma tumblr. May your teammates' tactics resemble the Great Leroy Jenkins. Sure but why do they have to be poorly censored? Why go through all vinogradova trouble of painting yourself blue then censor it with the photoshop blur brush.

I'd be fine if the censorship was done a bit better, but currently it stands out very clearly. I wish they hadnt photoshopped it so much, the full body pic looks like they just shopped her face onto nude cortana render. You'd think they would put a bit more vinogradova into the censorship instead of just three blurry strips. If my boss jannet this on my computer at any time or circumstance at work, it would be incredibly awkward and I'd likely be at risk of being reprimanded or fired.

It's funny, because I've never not felt like that at any of the jobs I've ever had, and yet every time I hop nude Reddit and something is tagged NSFW someone says this? Where are you guys working where you can have softcore porn splayed out for all your coworkers to see?

I was not suggesting the NSFW tag be removed, though. I said if it was going to have it, post the full jannet. As someone else commented, this is the exact same version that the artist herself posted elsewhere. She blurred it out, and I'm sure that even she'd agree that a tiny amount of blur on a naked human being's body would still not be enough to make it not NSFW.

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Their point, puthing aside that this is the official image, was that if you're nude tagging a post as NSFW then you vinogradova as well post the actual nude verion. Since this image doesn't actually have a nude version that doesn't work, but if it did. Which would cause it to be removed by Rule 1. For better or jannet one of the rules of the sub is no pornographic material. Fun fact: that rule also led to one of the most fun days of moderating that I can remember.

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Now, this is just my opinion and I'm no art scholar, but I think nudity is actually more artistic than clothed depictions of people. To me there is something true about it, when a person is naked they are hiding nothing, and I really do think the human form--male and female--is art.

There's more to this of course, but I'm rambling. Just my two cents on this topic. I don't see why there would to be nudity here anyways.

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It's a Halo sub. Even with the NSFW tag, why would it need to be here? But I don't see any reason for Nudity or Porn here. Definitely not gravemind r34 shudders. While not much is known about the origins and early years of this gorgeous lady, she is well-versed with the gaming and anime characters.

Her Cosplay works include a wide range of sexy female characters and some of them are even from the cutesy bracket. While her Overwatch cosplay series is all about confidence and power, she also has Oh My Goddess!

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In her anime works, she jannet the known werewolf e621 well as the obscure characters, that gives fans something unusual to look at. What is more remarkable is that her creations turn the characters from 2D into the 3D visuals.

That is not something that a lot of cosplayers can do with such finesse. She creates cosplay projects for the games, the fans, the press vinogradova for her own pleasure. She understands the importance of well-shaped body and trains herself for nude photo and video.

She loves candid photography and believes that the female body is carved for creative and artistic photos.

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