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From the unrated version of Body of Evidence. Julianne Moore naked in the shower, her bare breasts visible as she holds a detachable shower head up with her hand to spray her face and then move it down between moore legs. From Chloe. Julianne Moore approaching Halo half naked man Seyfried and unbuttoning Amanda's shirt, revealing her left breast.

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We then see Julianne naked while having sex on the bed, first bouncing in his lap, then lying on her back with her left nipple coming into view a few times, and finally having sex from behind while on all fours. Julianne Moore riding a guy hard, pushing her hand into his face as they have sex and he grabs her hair. We then see her sitting in bed beside the guy afterward, rolling over on top of him and pressing her right breast into his chest.

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Julianne Moore walking around a house while bottomless, giving us a very long look at her red-haired bush and ass while arguing with a guy and blow-drying her skirt. From Moore Cuts. Julianne Moore lying on her stomach in a red bra and panties, a guy holding her hands behind her back as she lifts her head up and we see some nice cleavage.

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