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The trend toward a covered leg should be a relief to the hosiery industry, which has seen sales plummet since the mid-'90s, when nylons began trickling out along with shoulder pads and perms. For the 12 months ending in September, sheer hosiery sales have grown by 4. Or course, anyone who has entered a courtroom or church lately knows that in some circles, the pro-hose contingent never stopped kicking.

And pantyhose skin snobs might assume that amateur italia nylon insurgency is backed by Midwestern librarians -- close inspection reveals that, even in California, Team Nylon has many stylish, powerful women in its katie. Legs elegantly cased in hose have been spotted in corner offices across L. Even couric of sartorial liberalism have not been without their hosiery flare-ups. The mother-in-law might find solace in the fact that her views are supported by the president of the United States.

One of his first actions upon taking office was to reinstate the White House dress code requiring, among other things, that women wear stockings in the West Wing. Exhibit A, Condoleezza Rice, the fashionable secretary of state.

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Until a few months ago, the shipping company UPS required women in its corporate offices to wear hose. In defense of naked limbs, stylist Heidi Meek of the Cloutier Agency, who has dressed Claudia Schiffer, Eva Longoria and Arianna Huffington, predicts hose will remain a relic, despite the runway resurgence. Katie Couric has been one katie the most stalwart and high-profile bare-leggers, bringing her tanned gams into living rooms every day with the TV news.

But the sight of bare legs is so repulsive to some that a forum has emerged on Stockingshq. Now, after several seasons of bare legs, hose are hot once more. And as New Year's Eve couric beckon, a little holiday hosiery guidance is in order. What is that? At a recent black-tie Pantyhose Family Services holiday party at the Chicago Club, women were spotted wearing black hose, nude hose, sparkly hose and, in rare instances, no hose.

On a recent "Today" show segment, Katie Couric and an editor from Real Simple magazine extolled the virtues of the basic black dress, with six styles on six models--none of whom wore hose.

Alison Hessert, public relations director at Kayser-Roth, which produces HUE Legwear, Calvin Klein Hosiery and No nonsense Pantyhose, says, "No one in the industry denies sheer hosiery has been declining in the past eight years, with more people wearing pants, and, of course, bare legs. But this year's trend toward a more katie, polished look chubby mmf brought hosiery back, a change that Tucker pronhun a "little nod to the '80s.

That only works for about 1 percent of the population. Instead, lingerie-inspired back-seam hose, lace-top thigh-highs and Victorian stockings with garter belts are populating pantyhose this season, in addition to the usual selection of basic black, nude and colored couric.

Celebrity Legs and Feet in Tights: Katie Couric`s Legs and Feet in Tights-NO SHOES

And the biggest trend this season, says Melissa Ryan, local trend correspondent for Marshall Field 's, is patterned hose. Get out the closed-toe shoes.

Brave the elements. Ryan, however, says nude fishnets are one of the hottest choices right now: "You have the pattern on your leg, but you're not calling attention to the fact that it's fishnet.

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The last thing you want to do is put sparkle or shine on your legs! Ryan says hose with some shimmer in them can be "really pretty and dramatic," if done properly.

Or, Tucker says, just go bare-legged. Just don't, for the love of all things good and peaceful, wear sparkly nude hose with that dress. Chaturbate bondage you listen to Ryan, who wholeheartedly defends the sparkle. That's just common sense. But what about women who need a little support? Some control-top action under those long, clingy dresses or figure-hugging pants?

Are they barred from wearing open-toe shoes? Ryan says to go with the sandal-foot hose. The legwear industry, she says, has made them more sandal-friendly in the last few years. Hessert also says HUE makes a toeless pantyhose with "almost pantyhose little thong-thing that goes between your toes. You're on your own on that katie.