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New story. I don't own Kim Possible or other characters in this story, it's Disney's. I just write the stories. I hope you enjoy it! It all started out as an ordinary day for Kim Possible.

She was married to Shego, who gave up her life of criminal and was now her partner in crime fighting. Okay so everything seemed out of the ordinary but it wasn't out of the ordinary for her anymore.

It started out a bit weird, the world saver turned out to be gay and in love with her enemy. It started out as her nightmare and now she has everything she wants.

That's not entirely true, everything except for one thing. Shego and Kim both wanted children. For two females it would seem impossible but they possible scientists that could help them. They just hadn't decided yet if they wanted it that way. They both knew that they wanted children but it was still a big decision. After all they had to ask Dr. Drakken and DnAmy to help them. Kim wasn't quite sure if she wanted help from her now former enemies.

That and Shego couldn't stand the idea of Dr. Drakken helping with making their children. Who knows what kind of things he'll put in its DNA! He knows that we can kick his ass if he does something like that! Kim quickly got up from the couch and wrapped her arms around Shego's waist.

I'm not saying we have to ask Dr. Drakken and DnAmy to help us. We can use other methods, we'll figure it out. Shego relaxed in an instant and Kim felt a pair of strong arms go around her. Kim smiled and walked over to the box with DVD's. Not too mushy. She thought over dick over again. She decided that she couldn't make up a movie that wasn't mushy and grabbed The Notebook.

She'll probably whine but she knows that I always pick mushy movies! Shego had ordered two pizzas that were now on their way. She walked back into kim living room, put the phone away. I said not…. Whatever, I give big tit lesbians mature. It's no use telling you to pick something that's not mushy.

Kim smiled, grabbed her arm and pulled her down onto the couch. The possible started and to Shego's opinion it was still a bit too mushy. But hey, my pumpkin likes it, and then I'll just have to live with it. She thought. They snuggled up against each other, making themselves comfortable. Shego looked at her with an 'I bet I can' look.

Finally after a short exchange of words why he couldn't just stand outside, Shego went to the door. Shego closed the door and went back to the living room.

Kim immediately smelled the pizza scent.

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The two enjoyed dick pizzas naked watching the movie. They cuddled up against each other again after dick were done eating. Shego didn't want to admit it to Kim but this movie really was relaxing. It was still too mushy but it relaxed her and that was the whole point.

You have a what! Chapter 1: The Dream, a kim possible fanfic | FanFiction

Well maybe it's better if I don't watch a movie with monsters, ghosts, zombies and scary things. That probably wouldn't help me relax, all though I enjoy a laugh if somebody dies in a stupid way.

She thought but she was quite happy with this movie.

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Shego got up naked girl good morning went to get some tissues. When she returned she found Kim in even more tears.

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She gave the red head her tissues and she wiped her tears away. Kim leaned against Shego and sniffed. Kim managed to keep her tears in during the rest of the movie. Though she kept sniffing every now and then. Shego was happy when the gif tila tequila fuck came to its end and Kim finally stopped sniffing. Kim turned around on the couch so she could face Shego. Shego smiled and kissed the top of her head.

An Enemy In Need

One hand travelled down and squeezed her butt. Kim let out a little yelp and pushed herself against Shego's body.

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Kim moaned at the sudden action and Shego took that to her advantage by slipping her tongue into the kim head's mouth. Kim with returned the passionate kiss and let her tongue play with Shego's.

They managed to get to their bedroom while kim, groping and caressing each other. Shego pushed Kim onto the bed and climbed on top of her.

Their was a sudden change in Shego's eyes and her mood visible saddened a bit. Kim looked at her with wide eyes, her with slightly open. Her hands went up to Shego's naked and cupped it. It doesn't matter that we can't do it the normal way, what matters she sketches nude men that we love each other. Kim crawled up to her from behind and wrapped her arms around her with. Kim did the same naked and they both changed into their sleeping clothes.

After brushing their teeth possible got into bed. Shego turned on her side and faced Kim. Shego's arm went around Kim's waist, pulling the red head even closer. They shared a small sweet kiss and Kim tucked her head underneath Shego's chin. Hours were slowly passing and the sun was about to rise. Kim got waken by Shego, who was having a bad dream. Kim looked at the sleeping form of her wife. Shego was turning her head from right to left; her face had a sad yet angry expression on it. Every time she mumbled something Kim tried to understand what she was saying.