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The publication captured my attention back then and became great fodder for dinner discussions and conversations among friends, with its suggestive photographs of three partially clothed students, raw language and nude art. When it was released, students were mildly interested, some parents were aghast and school district administrators were nervous.

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This had lawsuit written all over it. Yet, the intriguing aspect of the provocative magazine centered for most of us not around good taste or whether sexy women nude workout irate parent would sue, but rather on civil liberties, freedom of the press and how adult First Amendment rights may or may not extend to underage students — especially those smart enough to sexy thighed girls naked fully studied and researched their legal rights.

The unfolding story has been fascinating, for two reasons. Second, the controversy between opposing points of view raises challenging constitutional issues that underscore the debate between legally guaranteed freedom of the press and the extent of the power of those in authority — be it parents, teachers, school districts or other governmental agencies — to restrict that freedom to protect a perceived greater good.

The Salkas, who live in Rancho Santa Fe, are claiming defamation, invasion of privacy, sexual harassment, negligence and inadequate supervision, as well as suggesting the district is guilty of libel and distribution of obscenity.

The other two student models and their parents reportedly are comfortable with the pictures. They are, magazine, slightly suggestive.

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Despite the tame nature of the pictures, the magazine litmag editors clearly discussed among themselves the potential for shock and controversy. The student staff, with the assistance nude an adult adviser and journalism teacher, made the carefully considered decision that they were free to publish under the protections granted them by the First Amendment and California Education Codeprotections they felt also relieved them of the need to receive prior approval from either parents or district officials.

If he had seen the litmag before it went to press, would Shinoff have advised the school district not to allow publication? Shinoff said this is not a business decision.

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He will advise the school board not to settle the case, but to reject the claim and proceed with litigation. We will deal with this in the courtroom. Code gives students working at public school newspapers, yearbooks and other school-sponsored publications wide latitude and the same freedoms granted to mainstream media, in general. The challenge is how to apply those freedoms when minors are involved.

It is a slippery slope if we do not. This is much more than simply a dispute about whether suggestive photos taken of an underage female high school student were obscene, defamatory or should not have been published without prior written consent from the parents.

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Rather, this goes to the heart of constitutional issues secured under the First Amendment. That said, we must acknowledge that certain aspects of this case have an emotional effect, especially for parents. To dismiss the arguments of the plaintiffs as having no value or to condemn their position as being totally without merit is to deny the legitimacy of at least a portion of their argument.

Clearly, once the litmag was released, Salka and her parents had regrets. Although I can sympathize with their position, at some point teenagers, just like adults, have to take responsibility for magazine choices they make, even if they exercise poor judgment. Further, who can say what obscenity is? Who defines good taste? These issues are a matter nude personal interpretation, subjective and impossible to label precisely.

Is halo half naked man irresponsible to make these sorts of assumptions?

If parents or students feel uncomfortable, they certainly have the right to refuse to participate in any activity they find questionable. At some point, personal accountability for actions and decisions must kick in. Do advisers have the right to kill a student-generated story even though running the story is nude by law, if there is even a remote possibility of a resulting lawsuit? Lynch, superintendent for the San Dieguito district and a former journalism instructor, said she thought she should have had prior review.

But Lynch, who would not comment on the issue after the claim was filed last week, also said in July that students have protected rights that limit her ability to interfere.

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Look for this issue to make national headlines, with savory ingredients like a beautiful professional model, underage nudity, free speech, controversial artistic expression, parental rights, educational battlegrounds and constitutional challenges. Ironic, that one of the complaints from the family is that publication of the literary magazine has gained Salka unwanted attention as a sex object.

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