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If that were true I would have had huge nipples by now. Nipples reality is that large basically behave like penises.

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A woman gets aroused and more blood flows into the nipple, increasing the sensitivity. By sucking the nipple, you help the tissue to expand a little more but not enough to remain that way. If the suction was too hard then there might be some minor tissue damage to the full figured older mature naked milfs veins causing slight swelling, redness and a very small chance of infections but that will heal, leave some scar tissue and large next time the nipple will expand a bit less through sucking as nipples scar tissue adds resistance.

If you make sure to suck very gently and repeat this multiple times during the day, there might be some permanent increase. There will always be some changes in the size of breasts, though.

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I have sucking large breasts and like to have them fondled and sucked on, how can I get a man to do it? Ever since I started having sex my nipples always look larger. Is this normal? Is it from them being sucked on? How do you suck boobs? Do women get hot sucking their own nipples? What happens to male nipples during sex? What does it feel like to have a man suck on a woman's nipples or the vagina?

If I sucks girl breast and after some days nipples produce milk is it safe for her? After sex with women, do their nipples get bigger? Does the boobs get bigger when guys sucks sucking have sex?

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Do your breasts get bigger when you start having sex? My boobs and nipples became bigger than before after I started having sex. Is it normal for your nipples to go hard when you think of sex?