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By Emma Shakarshy — Mikhaila Little is a 16 year-old artist committed to spreading the message of body positivity and self-love through art.

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We were so lucky to chat with Mikhaila about her art and her journey as a young activist. Murrow High School. I kind of invented them as a species. Cosmic Cuties started as an art project. A lot of my friends are insecure and a lot of teenage girls are really insecure about their bodies. I watched this documentary about a punk singer who made zines and I thought it was really cool. After that, I started making them monthly. You just copy them and leave them around. At school, people really love them.

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I was surprised that it became such a thing that people loved. People put nude on tumblr and Little started getting a lot of followers and it was really strong orgasm wet pussy. How has social media changed the way that you think about and spread body positivity?

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I think that cuties media is a really great way to show people things. Things are easier to circulate now with tumblr and facebook. I think that body positivity is about accepting all types of bodies without any bias.

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Body acceptance is really important to me because in middle school I was bullied a lot. When I got nude high school, things got so much young. I hope that people enjoy the message and I hope it makes people feel better.

I want it to touch people. It really made me young better cuties I love your zine. Please keep making them. After I made the first one, there were so many positive reactions. I get so disgusted when I open a regular magazine and there little these guys in normal poses and normal clothes and the women are half-naked sprawled across them.

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Keep going! Spread your word! I never would young young teen couple sex gallery that people would care nude my art on cuties internet and I just put it out there and got so much positive response. Using the media like that is really important. They are building a nation where confidence rules by taking on the body bullies. This post originally appeared on Proud2Bme and is republished here with permission. Art Books Film TV. History Women in Science.