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Bad Teacher (2011) [Unrated]

But she soon found herself adrift. Her mother suggested helpfully that she train to be a chiropodist. Punch seriously considered moving to Barcelona to teach English.

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She is currently co-writing a barbed sitcom for FX home of Breaking Bad and Louie in which she will play a British woman who gets a green card by marrying a death-row prisoner, only for him to receive an unexpected pardon. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Money Deals. Voucher Codes. Just Eat.

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Talented British actress Lucy Punch packs a wallop - SFGate

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Lucy Punch Says Her Character In 'Bad Teacher' Was Inspired By Sarah Palin

Please try again, the name must be unique Only letters and numbers accepted. Loading comments Please try again, the name must be unique. But certainly for the Woody Allen movie, for that part I had to wear these tiny outfits, so I was trying to work out and watch what I eat. The part was fun, but that side was really, really boring. So it was nice to not have to think about any of that for this. Did you and Cameron Diaz exchange vamping pointers?

If only I looked like her. In my dreams! Let me give you some tips, because you need them. How was the mood on set, what with Cameron and Justin there together? I was looking, athletic ebony porn there was nothing — nothing at all.

Watch Lucy Punch on "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger" | Vanity Fair Video | CNE

Was there a lot of dirty-joke trading on the set? It was restricted to what happened in the script. Part of that was enabled by the fact that they have a history together. We had allowed our friendship and our love to morph and change to something totally appropriate to do this with each other. And they decided it was going to far with her! Punch says that it was always kept to the imagination. In my head, it involves her taking her clothes off at inappropriate moments.

She does whatever she feels like and does whatever she feels like. Even though you think you should hate her, you kind of what to be her.

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She gave one to Jake as well — one of these neti pots.