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Arya Stark Hot Scene In GOT Season 8 Ep 2( Maisie Williams )

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She plays Arya Stark, a tomboy girl from a noble family.

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This was Maisie's first professional role and it has earned her a lot of praise, especially in the second season. She earned this award when she was just 15, making her the youngest actress to ever win this category. The producers liked her so much that they asked her to star in two more episodes. This definitive list has all the answers.

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Maisie was born in Bristol, United Kingdom. She is the youngest of four children and always had an interest in the arts. She graduated from Bath Dance College in Performing Arts and shortly there after began her acting blonde femdom. However, that may change now that she has nudes leaked in the massive Fappening scandal. Sansa Stark is all grown up and she's a naughty one!

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