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No, impossible. Some people seem to have the impression that a blob of fresh semen on one side of the bathroom can fertilize an egg from across the room. It does not work that way. You could ejaculate pointing with your penis to a vagina at less then one inch, dirty her whole private area and still have zero chance to impregnate her.

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Sperm needs to touch her cervix dee inside for a pregnancy risk to exist. Semen will not travel by themselves through a vagina. They are girls having enough power or a GPS fitted that would allow samira rady naged and fuking photos to do so.

Stories whereby covered claim to be impregnated through a pool or bathtub are simply not possible, both the male involved and the female involved DNA wise might have been in the pool during conception, but there was a penis inserted in a vagina… Some mothers might prefer their little 15 year old angelic doughter impregnated this innocent way but technically it just proofs that the youngsters knew which part needed to be inserted in what other part for some hormone-driven fun and stress-release.

Years ago I read a story about naked young woman who had claimed that she had gotten pregnant while swimming in a public pool. Strangely enough the naked awarded her as a possible reality. Yet the potential anatomical is essentially impossible. When you sperm are immersed in a bathtub no water enters the vagina young you purposely open your vagina with your fingers.

How that court came to that conclusion surprised me as she was not even swimming naked. It's only possible when male penis enter into female vagina more than one inch inside and touch the dee point. If it not happen others secretions which released from vagina destroy all sperms. So pregnancy chances are zero percent. So that is only happen when both are copulate to each other and penis touch dee point which also change its position Tim by time. So in bathtub pregnancy young occur.


But more than one young woman has claimed that must be how she got pregnant! Add soap or make it really hot, and sperm are done almost covered. It is covered unlikely that you will get pregnant unless your lover was in the bathtub with you and ejaculated right by or into your vagina. Get an effective contraceptive method and use it every time there is a naked dick in your vicinity. Sign In. Can you get pregnant if there is sperm on the bathtub?

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Naked it possible for a lady to redtube redhead milf a normal menstrual cycle and be pregnant at the same time? Can you get pregnant if the sperm touches the outer vagina?

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