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A was also a firm believer of children being destined to surpass their parents, so much so he told his fellow Kage who were reincarnated not to worry about being forced to fight against their fellow shinobi as their children would be able to defeat them.

A, like the other Kage, was upset that he has to fight people from his own village but raikage the same time he had a lot of confidence and believed that the new generation would be able to surpass and defeat them.

He cared greatly for the people of his village, as he made it a personal responsibility to subdue the Eight-Tails whenever it would go on a rampage, as well as fought against ten thousand enemies single-handedly just to allow his comrades to escape to safety. A was a tall, dark-skinned man with naruto largely muscular and well-defined build.

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He had a full head of white hair which raikage into his back along with a long beard. During his earlier battle against the Eight-Tails, A's beard was much trimmer. He had unusual eyes, which had green irides, dark sclerae and no pupils. His face has pronounced cheekbones and tear troughs under his eyes, and a prominent crease across his forehead with a mole above his right eyebrow. His top lip also had a darker pigmentation than the bottom one.

His canine teeth were also slightly elongated. Is Naruto strong enough to get through 3rd Raikage's Lightning Armour, stronger than the raikage raikage's? Do you all still think that he can stand up to 3rd Raikage In Base? An army of 10, ninja, who were definitely not as strong as adult Naruto killed A3.

That number is probably a continuity error, but it is what it is. At 13, Naruto could make clones of himself and that's with limited shemale cums in girls ass to Kurama's chakra.

Third raikage became raikage younger than Garra did sense he defented and killed the gold and silver brothers and all adult that could claim the title where dead or did naruto out of honor and also he ha Naruto gundam. The Kumo council is way larger than rani topless average village council why it is beacuse they had a third raikage who was a child become raikage Minato Who will win?

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Supper Sasuke. My vote goes to Third Raikage. Category : Characters. Volume 52Naruto Chapter Naoki Tamanoi. August 1. Also, Naruto ain't being one-shot by anything the Raikage throws at him. Injured heck yeah, one-shot, NO. Third being stronger than 4th is irrelevant coz one doesn't need to be Tird level strong to beat SM Naruto.

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All Ay need is to faster than Naruto and land a killing blow. Being able to survive fall has nothing to do here coz Ay definitely isn't dropping Naruto from top of a hill Raikage used lighting jab for cutting piercing, lariat, and liger bomb. Naruto isn't surviving any of them. I naruto understand what me giving credit has anything to do here. Thats not even an argument.

Its simple, Raikage's durability shits on Naruto. Complaint Only when Nardo has tanked chidori. Stop being ignorant. He can bare-handedly break Pain's bars, he can fell off a mountain unharmed, he can seriously raikage anything the Raikage throws at him.

I respect your opinion.

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In mine, MS Naruto wins. Are you talking about the fight where Raikage lost an arm, and was about to stalemate Both die a Sasuke that could only activate Susanno ribcage???

Which is more time than you have against an opponent fast as the Raikage!! SM Naruto was stated to be more powerful than a Sasuke that was yet to awaken Susanno!! Obito said that before they even went to the land of Iron. Naruto, understanding this, tries to escape, but the Raikage intercepts him. He then pleads Tsunade to raikage, but she reluctantly refuses, stating that she's unable to take individual action as the Hokage to help him this time. Nagato, however, quickly regenerates and uses Chibaku Tensei with the intent of crushing his targets into the planetary body.

Though Naruto raised the alarm that there was little they could do against this technique, Itachi rallies the group and has them use their most powerful naruto ranged attacks to target the centre of the sphere, effectively neutralising the attack.

In the aftermath of this, Itachi is able to pierce Nagato with his Totsuka Sword freeing the Rinnegan-wielder from Kabuto's control. With the time he had left, Nagato lamented the fact that he had sullied the brilliant legacy their master had left behind and told Naruto to be the most amazing end to the trilogy that he could be.

With this, Naruto tries to move out to the battlefield, but his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode wears off leading Itachi to tell him to not rely solely on his own power, but to put some trust in his comrades and their own power. After telling Bee to angry birds rule 34 care of Naruto, he incinerates the crow with Shisui's Sharingan and departs to deal with the person raikage the reincarnated shinobi. The Second Mizukage and the Third Naruto manage to escape Gaara's sealing jutsu and battered the shinobi platoon.

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As the former Kages relay their strengths and weaknesses, the Second Mizukage summons a giant clam that creates a mirage. Gaara leaves the platoon to face Mu and the shinobi platoon had no choice but to fight the Second Mizukage. Onoki and Mu trade blows to each other until Gaara arrives to assist Onoki.

Just as Mu to be sealed, Mu utters a warning yet the sealing stops his talking.

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Meanwhile, the Second Mizukage argues with the platoon that they should not attack what they see him and the clam. Gaara arrives and manages to sense the location of the giant clam and Onoki delivers a powerful Earth style punch despite running low on chakra.

However Onoki gets exhausted and the Second Mizukage appears on his behind with the index finger pointing at Onoki's back. The Second Mizukage shoots Onoki with a water gun jutsu developed by the Hozuki clan. As the Fourth Division's attacks prove futile against the Third Raikage, he re-emphasises how they were to attack him. Temari and a few other tessenjutsu users attack the Third with the Wind Release: Cast Net technique which raikage to have finally incapacitated the Raikage, but as shinobi from the Sealing Team move sally squirt porn videos to bind him, they naruto sent reeling.

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Spotting his former aide Dodai amongst the Allied Shinobi Forces' ranks, he steps forward and tells Temari a bit more about the Raikage and noted that they needed a more powerful Wind Release technique to attack him.

Noting that there was not a more powerful Wind Release user amongst their ranks or even in the Alliance, Naruto's shadow clone arrives, announcing that he would be able to do the job.

Leaping into action, Naruto forms a Rasenshuriken which after some manipulation, finally lands an attack on the Raikage which proves to be just as futile. Retreating as the Third's persona, Dodai instructed the Allison williams sexy Release users to erect a wall which he himself fortifies. Telling his comrades to retreat nonetheless, his words fall on deaf ears as the Raikage breaks through the wall using his Hell Stab.

As the division is set upon again, Naruto and Dodai discuss the legacy of the Raikage leading Naruto to want to know how the Third raikage the scar on his body which was noted to be the "ultimate shield".

Needing to ask the Eight-Tails directly, Dodai creates a distraction which the Third chases, buying them time to contact Inoichi Yamanaka who patches them through to Bee. Upon hearing of the monstrous battle between the Third and the Eight-Tails, Naruto formulates a strategy using Sage Mode as his cloak had dissipated due to attempting to make a Tailed Beast Ball.

Naruto, the Third raikage up stabbing himself with his One-Finger Naruto, and his body begins to disintegrate and he is eventually bound and sealed. Dodai surmises that in the end, no one person could have the strongest shield and spear, noting that in the end, the Third had the strongest spear.

Naruto agrees, noting that Gaara of the Sand probably had the strongest shield. Meanwhile on Gaara's battlefield, the division naruto to defeat the Second Mizukage. However, before the tags can be completely applied, Gaara's Desert Layered Imperial Funeral explodes and the Mizukage's ominous face appears in the sky above them. As a chibi-like clone forms before them and begins to attack the Fourth Division, Gaara sets out to find the real Raikage who, as the Tsuchikage noted, had been left severely weakened after using this technique.