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Linda Paluc Ep. Sweet, sweet Semmering. Add to Favorites Added to Favorites Views: Posted In: Final Results: BrapHarder Oct 1, at Gotta love the implied toplessness of the intro. That's how you rack in the views This video is one of the breast ones in recent mammary. HutchJR Oct bike, at You know how do we call that NSFW edge in europe? Matt-W Oct 1, at Hammerschmidt Oct 1, at The lolli pop mountain a symbol for eating a healthy potassium filled banana, nothing else. Bananas are good trail food. I nude the intro was very responsible.

Kc85 Oct 1, at If Pinkbike show my ballsack in the thumbviev. Eric55on Oct 1, at You can show girl only if you are making a statement.

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You can't just show them. You have to say, that the fact of your right ball being lower than the left one is The message doesn't have to be good or anything, but you have to have it. Else people are gona say you are just showing balls on PB. Was that a Stumpjumper that I saw in that video? Trekfueler Oct 1, at Aarrce Oct 1, at Which idiot employed the tall camera man at the beginning. Bayonetwork Oct 2, at 4: Cool Video and all but if Crystal marie denha nude on Wells porn star want to be taken seriously they shouldn't post pictures of them half naked on Pinkbike.

You want to be respected for your riding, not your boobs. I don't bike to offend anybody, just my girl. WAddict Oct 2, at After watching this hottie ride through the trees, I have wood.

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Is that wrong, girl the expected outcome of the video I just watched? Karpiel Oct 2, at Sounds like some of you need to make like horseshit and hit the trail I don't understand!!

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I invite more of these kind of postings on PB for mountain real doods that don't have problem admiring gorgeous wemen riding DH bikes. More boobs PB Please!!!! TitanFury Oct 3, at 7: Sexy still sells, and it always will. Good hell, this has almost as many views as Andreu's Rampage video Brianasaurus Girl 1, at You're a badass rider.

It's really too bad you had to pick the low hanging fruit and use sex appeal as your currency. It's not only not needed, as your riding speaks for itself, but it undermines the challenges women already face in this sport. SlodownU Oct 1, at Right, lets all live in a androgynous and sexless world, because that is so awesome. PigletOrange Oct 1, at Thanks - I'd rather watch some kick-ass riding than a lame mountain commercial.

There's plenty of ass in spandex as it is, I just need to go riding the trails. Respecting yourself, as a female, doesn't make you androgynous nor sexless.

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It just keeps creeps from posting a bunch of comments about boobs and jizz. Just because she does this doesn't mean she has no self-respect.

Some people are proud of their bodies and want to show it off.

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And if that gets you more views Go for it girl. NYShred Oct 1, at That intro was unnecessary and honestly, kinda creepy. What creep behind the camera said "Yeah, lick a lollipop, thats sexy! Are you that insecure about your riding skills that you had to resort to sex to get any attention?

Respect yourself, keep your clothes on and nude being a poser. The majority want boobs and DH The majority bike you don't care about advocating nude women to be thought of as more than sex objects.

By my argument nude saying she should be free to do what she wants so Stumpfenhammer Oct 1, at She rides well and it's always cool to see ladies shredding Pastafarion Oct 1, at The first thing I noticed was the implied lack of cloths.

While sexually appealing, its irrelevant to your obvious skill on a mountain bike. There are plenty of other places to have your circle jerks. This is a site meant for the sport of trail riding -- not sex.

I don't care what she does with her sexy teen penetration gif, and I'm the last to suggest it isn't attractive Pretending this isn't the case is only making you look like bike uneducated fool.

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