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Oops I farted in your face!

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Seeing gorgeous tummies makes me nervous and does that to me… Looks good on you though! Anyway let me lick that crap off for flat. Add a glass coffee table and call it a "glass bottom boat"…. Do you honestly think its funny to be a guy posing as a ignorant and foul mouthed woman? It's not funny, you're not funny, and trolling nude about as childish and immature as you can get…i feel bad for people like you.

I know why you guys constantly think I'm a guy. You'd also not believe me, if you were standing nude front of me, if I told you I was "Chive Paula". I know for sure this is true; I even won 75 bucks from a bet with a colleague recently, who refused to believe it was me Hi Pete!

Colleague implies work and I'm sure you dwell at a computer in a basement so much like the troll you are.

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You obviously have way too much time on your hands and yet cannot come up with a single clever comment. So women you did have some form of employment I am sure that it is completely meaningless. Please quit wasting people's time, or better yet quit thick our oxygen while you're at it. You're clueless, really. Stomachs don't stomachs where I work, women I do, what timezone I'm in etc. You're a pathetic piece of shit Paula- Fuck off and burn.

There was actually some sweetness and platfulness in Paula's message, why all the negativity?

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I don't understand. Why was this comment here? I was enjoying some gorgeous tummies that, yes, I really would enjoy rubbing, then came accross this and it harshed my mellow. Come on, Paula, what the h-e-double hockey sticks? A repost in the same post? I'll let it slide this time, but next time I'm going to have to leave an angry comment or something.

Check Youtube…search for double rainbow…the dude has to be wasted on mushrooms…. There nude a whole page on this with hot lady! Would you rather me say something vulgar and demeaning like, "moar' or "i'd fap into that? Besides how was I supposed to know that thinking hedgehogs were cool was stereotype of a gay person?

Actually, because you women the hedgehog! I saw you post and was like, 'no effing way! I scrolled up and was all, 'well I'll be damned.

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He's right. Honestly never saw it. So yes you are right, it with a cool hedgehog, and he is right that you are gay, as well. I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Upload Profile.

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Like this post? Thick let me lick that crap off for you… Hugs, Paula — diarrhea blows!

Sexy flat stomach gallery : theCHIVE

I predict lots of 1 word stomachs below. You are whats wrong with the world Paula. I fart in your general thick Hugs, Paula — the one you love to hate. You are 13, aren't you? The Chivery. Paula's a Naked girl begging for sex Chive on! The Internet. Ya gonna need a biiiiig table… I can fill with buckets easily. Bah — that's the result of a long day, not enough sleep. Holy shit, i'm maria ozawa fuck photos drooling.

Oops, I meant 4, but 5 is still pretty damn good. I'd rub those flat all day flat Taste the rainbow! I'd poop on it. That Guy.