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After my camper chicken nugget broke down in France I had some trouble days to get home. But in the end I made it! Full of awesome memories and a lot of experience that I can use in my life!

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Time to say goodbye to France. Time to do some duties back in The Netherlands and who knows where I should go next. Do you have any recommendations? Jeux de boules is a famous sport in France and also all over the world.

All kind of jokes are flying around my head. Finally a pair of balls to throw away!

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Or wow you are good with balls! Well tomorrow I will win the tournament and go home fun a fine bottle of wine! Am I speaking with the nude police? I want to let you know fun I found a suspicious person walking into the bar and he still had clothes on! Just kidding, naturism is not about being clothed or unclothed. Many view nudity as innately sexual or wrong, especially social nudity. It was nice to be able to unpack boxes, AND greet fellow nudists who dropped by to ask if we needed any help, dressed or undressed as tumblr pleased.

Answering the door nude is a new and freeing experience. It was odd knowing that the nudist community is now our home. We are no longer part-time residents. There is no more rushing to get home after spending a weekend at our nudist venue, since the venue is home.

All alone, far from it all. Alexandra chando sexy cannot hear human activity, only the wind rustling the trees, birds and crickets chirping, tumblr the quietness of my own thoughts. This picnick table is off the beaten path - just what I needed today! The past nudists weeks have been full of work travel, preparations to sell a home, and an overall frenetic pace.

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Taking quiet time and feeling the freedom of being naked in nature and feeling the warm sun on my back is recharging me. I enjoy social nudity, but also enjoy being nude alone with my thoughts. I expect as the work week starts tomorrow I will be less stressed and more productive. How would my family and friends react if they knew about my fondness for destressing by spending time alone, nude?

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My wife and I are nudists and the Journey is real. I will end this post as I often do, by encouraging you to: Go ahead, get out there, and get nude!

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Go to www. It helped us a lot when we were exploring what this nudist life was all about. Our experiences match those described in this NY Times article to the letter. Nudism is freeing, healthy, and fellow nudists are, almost without exception, very friendly people. Nudist teen. Family nudist pics. Wood fired nudist. Hq porn book. Lola taboo. Nudist community. Young family nudism. Nudist channel. Tiny little teens. Taboo video. Nudist voyour. Sex models. Kind nudist videos.