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Aries: A dragon; if it has wings, then it counts. By this logic, then anything can become a bird if it has wings attached to it. That can include your dog, your family, and your angels alongside your demons. Convince your angels and your demons to get into a hot, winged make-out session and convince them that this is how dragons are spawned. Leo: A cockfighting rooster that uses electric talons. You release the bad hens out of the coop and rile them up.

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You poke them with a taser until they develop a stored electrical charge they can utilize in combat with other cocks. Electrocute your problems to supercharge them. Libra: Vultures waiting for your crumbling body to be taken by the reaper.

Get out of that porch chair and charge crazily at the tricked birds to scare them off.

two ostriches with their heads in sand. - Album on Imgur

Gemini: A very angry parrot. Taurus: A toucan with a broken beak. But now, you have a response towards nicole arbor naked questions, just destroy those large things and never acknowledge them again.

Cancer: An ostrich with its head fortified in the ground. You have the ability to be a formidable force, but you still attempt to hide from your problems. You prefer more to build a nuclear bunker to place on your head so you never have to see, hear, smell, or taste all the awful things in this world ever again.

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Scorpio: A peacock. Oh, Excuse me, I mean a peafowl. Aquarius: A swan, a fat and adorable one.

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People should change their expectations when dealing with you. Virgo: A hawk that stalks you at inconvenient locations. Everybody you real sister shower to seems to notice it alongside your ignorance towards it. One day, he finally musters the courage to step out.

The birds all grab his clothing at once and, amazingly, drag him off to never be seen again. Most of your body mass comes from all that plumage you have surrounding your very naked interior. This could be a sign that underwear is unnecessary under a ton of shirts and pants. Sagittarius: A flamingo with a shrimp deficiency.

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Burying your head in the sand? You're feeling guilty | Head in the sand, Know the truth, Feelings

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