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Pam: Relax!? Meredith: This is like the Cadillac of pumps. Pam: Give it back to me now! Meredith: I was just I was warming it up. Pam: That's disgusting! Jim: Do you wanna just make a run for it? Pam: Maybe. Kevin: [walks by, starts screaming into Pam's chest] Wahhhhhhhh!

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Jim: What is happening? Pam: Kevin! Kevin: [hugs her] Ahhhhhhh! Pam: Yay! How are you! Kevin: Oh I missed you so much! Pam Beesly: Aww! Kevin: Yeahhhhhh!

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And then her shirt gets Michael survives unscathed and even fails upward despite his inappropriate behavior. Yes, an incident of boobs misconduct technically becomes the catalyst for 22 minutes of absurdist comedy, but the initial reactions of her pam also astutely capture the various attitudes and misconceptions about sexual misconduct one might actually encounter in that situation.

Michael, before dangling his finger through the fly of his pants, jokes that he figured it would have happened to a younger, poz porn attractive employee like Pam. In fact, his driving desire to be liked by everyone at all times makes him a rather beasley authority figure. Stanley Hudson : I'm listening.

Kevin Malone : You had me at sex. Michael Scott : Pervert. Phyllis Vance : You have all of our attentions just by screaming anything.

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Michael Scott : That's good to know. Pam Beesly : What do you want to say, Michael? Michael Scott : Wuphf! Sign In. Showing all 2 items.

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Jump to: Quotes 2. Steve Carrell's wife, Nancy Carrell formerly Nancy Walls had a reoccurring role on the show as Carol StillsMichael Scott's girlfriend who was entirely too grounded to date the erratic paper company manager for more than a few episodes. Knowing that the couple are married in real-life somehow makes their terrible onscreen breakup even funnier, just like knowing that Pam's lactation specialist was her real husband makes Jim's unfair indignation even more ludicrous. Awkward childcare moments aside, Jim and Pam will live on forever as one of television's most iconic and beloved couples.

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And now, fans will be able to watch the arrival of the lactation specialist knowing that Fischer was sharing a scene with both of her husbands — on-screen and real life. Dwight Shrute: [taking off his suit jacket and pumping hand sanitizer] Ok, this is going to traumatize me a hell of a lot more than you believe me.

Pam Halpert: You know what Dwight? Let me just check the bathroom first. Dwight Shrute: Really? Let your breasts explode.